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New Google Meet Updates For Work From Home People Released

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New Google Meet Updates For Work From Home People Released-GadgetAny
New Google Meet Updates

Google intends to make the Workspace more enjoyable with various updates. One of the most exciting and awaited new Google Meet updates is the in-meeting emoji reactions. As a result, during a Google Meet, users will be able to drop emojis like a thumbs-up or heart to show how they feel. The reactions will show up in video tiles or in a list that floats up at the side of the screen. Zoom already consists of this feature. It is a great way to let others in the meeting know what your thoughts are without having to unmute or interrupt the meeting. Additionally, this month, the in-meeting emoji reaction feature will be available to users. 

google meetAnother significant new Google Meet updates is the picture-in-picture mode. It will allow a user to stay updated on an ongoing meeting in the Meet while working on other apps like Docs, Sheets, etc. The new feature will be available in the coming weeks. However, the picture-in-picture mode in Meet is only compatible with the Chrome browser.   

Moreover, customers of Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Teaching & Learning Upgrade Workspace will be able to Livestream Meet calls on YouTube in the coming months. Additionally, Google will also be adding optional end-to-end encryption for Meet conversations this year for all Workspace subscribers. Likewise, client-side encryption will be available for Business Plus, Enterprise Plus, and Education Plus customers in May. Lastly, to enhance virtual collaboration, Google sure has put a lot of thought into the new Google Meet updates.

New Google Meet Updates

Other Google Updates

On another note, apart from the Google Meet updates, Google also plans to update Space. One of the new features of Space will be in-line threading. It will enable users to split conversations into their own thread without blocking a primary channel. In addition, Google will be increasing the Spaces team size limit to 8000 people. And speculation is that by the end of 2022, the maximum limit will expand to about 25,000 people.  

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