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Step back in time with Street View on your smartphone

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Step back in time with Street View on your smartphone-GadgetAny
Street View on your smartphone

Google updates the smartphone version of Google Maps Street View to celebrate the feature turning 15 years old. Hence, users can look back through Google’s archive on their iPhones or Androids from now on. In addition, users can easily install Street View from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Furthermore, the upgrade is similar to time traveling with Street View on the PC. Thus, first, drop into the location to see a past version. Then, look for a pull-out menu bar present at the bottom of the screen. In that, the “See more details” option will appear. Click on that and scroll back to various points in time. However, users must note that for some places, options to scroll back in the past might be more limited than in others. The reason is that these options depend on the number of times the feature’s recording equipment passed any particular location. For instance, busy areas will have more recordings than a small lane in the countryside. 

Street View on your smartphones

Street View turns 15

Celebrating some software does seem a bit strange. But, dedicated users can explore unique places via Street View to celebrate its 15 years of existence. For instance, users can visit the White House decorated for Christmas or look around Japanese landmarks blooming with cherry blossoms. Additionally, users can dive into the Great Barrier Reef or wander the Floating Market in Thailand. Interestingly, they can also take a trip to the International Space Station. Likewise, it will allow a user to step back in time through the time travel feature. It is a great way to reminisce about forgotten places with loved ones or just remember the good old days. 

Moreover, users can also improve their geography skills in a game of Geoguessr, a third-party website. The game places players at a random spot on the planet using Street View without their knowledge. Then, players have to recognize landmarks, signs, flora, and fauna to identify where they are on the globe. In addition, users can even compete with other Geoguessr players.

To conclude, Street View is just one of the fascinating features of Google Maps. There are even more users can explore and enjoy. However, celebrating 15 years of Street View with a step back in time seems like an excellent idea. 

Saloni Behl

By Saloni Behl

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