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How to Clean a Mechanical Keyboard

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How to Clean a Mechanical Keyboard-GadgetAny
Mechanical Keyboard

Keeping a mechanical keyboard clean is essential to increase the longevity of that device. Additionally, besides wiping a mechanical keyboard regularly, one must give it a deep clean at least once a year. And this process involves removing the keycaps, washing them, and using cotton swabs to clean between the keyboard switches. Although time-consuming, this will give the keyboard a brand-new feel.  

Besides, mechanical keyboards carry a more hefty price tag than membrane ones since they offer a better typing and gaming experience. Therefore, it is best to keep them clean. 

Clean a Mechanical Keyboard

Steps on cleaning a mechanical keyboard

  • Disconnect the keyboard 

First, unplug the mechanical keyboard from the PC and if possible, remove the cable from it if it’s detachable. 

  • Take a picture for reference 

To place the keycaps in the right places after cleaning is done, take a picture of the keyboard before removing them.

  • Use a keycap puller to remove all keycaps carefully 

Use a keycap puller to remove all keycaps carefully in Mechanical Keyboard


Use a keycap puller to remove the keycaps. Users can make a makeshift one with a pair of paper clips, a twist-tie, and pliers. Note: Put the keycaps into a bowl after removing them so as not to lose them.

  • Wash the keycaps and let them dry 

Fill the bowl with the keycaps in them with warm water. Next, add a bit of dish soap. Move the keycaps around in the bowl and let the bowl sit for 30 to 60 minutes. Once the keycaps have soaked for some time, use a strainer to remove the soapy water. Finally, rinse them thoroughly and lay them out to dry on paper towels. 

  • Remove the dust using compressed air 

While the keycaps are soaking or drying, use a can of compressed air or an electric duster to remove any dust, hair, debris, etc., from the mechanical keyboard. 

  • Clean in-between the switches with cotton swabs and alcohol

Clean in-between the switches with cotton swabs and alcohol


Clean the gaps between the switches with cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol. However, do not use too much isopropyl alcohol. After that, let the keyboard dry or use an electric duster to dry it.

  • Put the keycaps back on 

With the help of the reference photo, carefully place the keycaps back on. Ensure a key is oriented correctly before pressing firmly down to reseat it. 

  • Test the mechanical keyboard 

Once users replace all the keycaps, plug the keyboard into the PC and test all of the keys. Note: Users can use the KeyboardTester.com site for this purpose as it makes an audible click each time someone presses a key and shows which keys have been tested. 

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