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No Google Assistant For Galaxy Watch 4 – Sad Moment For Users

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No Google Assistant For Galaxy Watch 4 – Sad Moment For Users-GadgetAny
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Last year, Samsung and Google partnered up to develop Wear OS for Galaxy Watches. However, when Galaxy Watch 4 lineup launched the previous year, it sorely missed Google Assistant. Additionally, neither Google nor Samsung provided dates regarding its appearance. But customers assumed the digital assistant might appear someday in the new lineup. In addition, Verizon update logs for the lineup indicated Google Assistant arrived in the update. However, Google confirmed that there is still no Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic.

Ivy Hunt, a Google spokesperson, stated in an email – “To confirm, Assistant is not rolling out to Galaxy Watch 4, and we don’t have an update on timing.”

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Moreover, the Verizon update logs released software updates on April 20. For the digital assistant, it stated, “If you have Google Assistant downloaded, it will show up in the settings menu under ‘Google Accounts.” It also depicted an unclear screenshot showing users how to activate the digital assistant. Users need to head to Settings > Google > Google Assistant to access setting toggles for the wake phrase and speech output. However, there is no such update available. 

Why is Google Assistant’s availability so important for Galaxy Watch 4?

Furthermore, previously, Galaxy Watches came with Samsung’s proprietary Tizen OS. Hence, it allowed users to use only Samsung-specific features and tools like Samsung Pay and Bixby. Therefore, a switch to Wear OS was a significant turnabout for Galaxy Watches as it offered access to third-party apps. For example, Galaxy Watch 4 owners can now use Google Pay instead of Samsung Pay. Similarly, customers anticipated the access to Google Assistant very much, and Bixby isn’t as famous as Amazon Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. 

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However, Google Assistant’s absence even after today’s update log is a colossal disappointment. But, there is yet a chance of it appearing at next month’s Google I/O. Plus, although Samsung sounded skeptical when it revealed in February that Google Assitant would be available “in the coming months,” we should still keep our fingers crossed.

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