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Study Reveals a Drop in the Quality of New Electric Vehicles

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Study Reveals a Drop in the Quality of New Electric Vehicles-GadgetAny
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JD Power recently published its Initial Quality Study for 2022 model-year cars. Unfortunately, the study revealed a quality drop in new vehicles by 11% year-over-year, the steepest decline ever recorded by the group. It seems like chip shortage and supply chain crisis are the reason for this drop in the quality of electric vehicles. Additionally, EV manufacturers saw the biggest drop in quality, with Polestar ranking last on JD Power’s list. On the other hand, Tesla ranked seventh from the bottom. 

Furthermore, the survey recorded 226 problems per 100 Tesla vehicles this year. On the other hand, it recorded 240 issues in all non-Tesla EVs per 100 vehicles, less than 251 of last year’s survey. 

JD Power quality survey for vehicles

new electric vehicles

The survey is based on input from around 83,165 verified owners and lessees of personal use electric vehicles registered between November 2021 and February 2022. Additionally, responses from the survey provided information for vehicles of 33 different makes and 189 different models. 

Furthermore, the survey discovered users had trouble connecting Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in their electric vehicles. Additionally, the connectivity problems jumped from 4.9 per 100 vehicles in 2021 to 5.8 in 2022.

Most importantly, most customers who took the survey reported fewer issues with CarPlay than the 17% using Android Auto. Besides, although these features are very high in demand by consumers, they are difficult to understand. And the reason for this might be that software is a persistent problem for the industry, with most issues related to infotainment. 

new electric vehicles

Additionally, the survey report lists features that manufacturers removed to compensate for chip shortages. Hence, now there are fewer EVs with advanced driver-assist features, heated seats, parking assistant modules, etc. For instance, last year, Chevrolet dropped some of its SUV models’ wireless phone chargers and gas-saving auto start-stop features. In addition, Ford axed some A/C controls from the rear seats of its Explorer SUV. 

On an added note, GM’s Buick topped JD Power’s quality list. Additionally, BMW and Hyundai won second and third place, respectively.

Interestingly, David Amodeo, JD Power’s director of global automotive, expressed surprise that the results for the initial quality study were better than he expected.

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