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Teenage Engineering showcases the portable condenser mic with the excellent CM-15

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Teenage Engineering showcases the portable condenser mic with the excellent CM-15-GadgetAny
Teenage Engineering microphone cm-15

Image credit : 9To5Toys

Teenage Engineering, a small-batch maker of music accessories, is back with a brand-new item that costs far more than a $1,600 desk. The CM-15 is a reliable mobile condenser mic designed for studio and remote applications. Due to the variety of connection and power choices available, the business refers to it as the “first all-in-one mic offering” in the world.

This device can be powered using conventional phantom power by being plugged into any compatible mixer or audio interface. A built-in battery is also present; it has a ten-hour runtime. Do not possess any of that? Simply insert it into any USB-C port to receive power. That is quite practical. A 3.5mm line output, a tiny XLR, and the aforementioned USB-C port are available for connectivity. A built-in preamp on the microphone enables direct connection to a computer, phone, or any Teenage Engineering product, such as the equally amazing (and pricey) OP-1 Field.

The CM-15 is a compact device, similar to the previously announced TX-6 mixer, but it still has room for some advanced audio technology. A real 1-inch large-diaphragm capsule, which is uncommon in portable recording equipment, is included. Additionally, the microphone has ESS Sabre analog-to-digital conversion, which, according to TE, enables it to “preserve high-fidelity sound and capture exceptional detail in any recording situation.”

Teenage Engineering microphone cm-15
Image credit : Gadget Advisor

The 3.5mm line out can be connected directly to a video camera for synchronized audio/visual content, and there is a gain slider on the back to match the audio source. The microphone’s overall aesthetic appeal is enhanced by the machined metal construction, which appears sturdy. It has a built-in tilting mechanism for accurate positioning and comes with a variety of adapters for use with all mic stands. For an additional $100, a mini-tripod is offered for the microphone.

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On to the cost now. Prepare to shell over $1,200 to bring this little beast home because it is a Teenage Engineering product through and through. That price soars to $4,400 for a full TE setup that includes the CM-15, a TX-6 mixer, and an OP-1 Field synthesizer. The microphone starts shipping in June.

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