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Telegram To Let You Customize Notification Sound – See How To Do It.

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Telegram To Let You Customize Notification Sound – See How To Do It.-GadgetAny
Telegram notification sound customization

Recently, Telegram announced that it would enable users to set any sound as their notification tone. Hence, Telegram users can now customize their notification sound. It can be a short-audio file uploaded from a phone or saved voice messages from a chat. However, Telegram stated that the audio file or voice message should be less than 300KB and five seconds long. 

Furthermore, users can set specific sounds to any individual chat or a group chat too. To do that, go to Settings, then the Notifications and Sounds menu. From there, users can select either custom sound or any of the various options available in Telegram. That is, users have a wide range of options in Telegram’s Notification Sounds channel – from a bell to Merlin the cat.

Telegram notification sound

Besides that, Telegram also released custom mute durations. Previously, users were able to set the mute duration to only one hour, eight hours, or two days. But, the new update offers more options on how long to mute notifications. So, now users can mute notifications for either 30 minutes or two months. In addition, the update consists of more increments for the auto-delete timer. The auto-delete timer is a feature that makes messages in a chat disappear at a designated time automatically. 

Moreover, Telegram has also included changes to its operating software, apart from letting users customize notification sound and mute duration. Additionally, now iOS owners will get an improved in-app translation supporting as many languages as the Android version of Telegram. Also, now Android owners can change the size of the Telegram player window in picture-in-picture mode. Consequently, they can use pinch movements to resize the window or click on the “X” button to close the window. Lastly, Telegram also added some new animated food emojis in the latest update.

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