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The all-new ViewSonic new 4K game projector is coming with green stripes

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The all-new ViewSonic new 4K game projector is coming with green stripes-GadgetAny

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Finding a projector for large-screen gaming that not only performs as well as a TV but also visually complements their living room setup is one of the major problems for gamers. Xbox enthusiasts no longer have to battle with this issue, though, since Viewsonic has unveiled two new 4K projectors that bear Microsoft’s “Designed for Xbox” seal of approval.

The Viewsonic X1-4K is the more conventional of the two new projectors in that it requires a position that is further from the screen or wall it is being used with; anywhere from five feet to over 16 feet and will produce a projected picture that is between 60 and 150 inches in size. In addition, it has a 1.3x optical zoom lens, which, depending on where you install or place it, will help to further enhance the projection size.

With an acceptable 2,900 LED lumens of brightness, or about 1,208 ANSI lumens (a more conventional measurement), from its LED light source, the X1-4K delivers a real 4K, 3,840 x 2,160 resolution. Nevertheless, not all of its capabilities are available at 4K. The projector will automatically turn on and enter its game mode anytime an Xbox console connected through HDMI 2.1 is powered up as part of the “Designed for Xbox” certification. The projector’s maximum resolution is 1080P, but it also activates its 4.2-ms input lag and increases its refresh rate from 60Hz to 240Hz. However, there is no evidence that the projector can handle the 120Hz @ 4K refresh rate that the Xbox Series X can.

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The Viewsonic X1-4K does have wifi connection, so you can access all of the projector’s settings through a corresponding mobile app even if it doesn’t have an operating system that natively supports streaming services like Netflix or Disney+. With a USB-C cable connection and no docking station needed, it can play content from gadgets like the Nintendo Switch, cellphones, and tablets. It also comes with two 6W Harmon Kardon speakers, making it potentially a complete home theater system when used in conjunction with a streaming dongle like a Chromecast.

The Viewsonic X2-4K is a short-throw alternative that can be placed on a table as close as three feet away from the wall or screen you’re using for your content, though you’d need to position it about five feet away for a projection measuring 100 inches in size. This is an alternative if you don’t feel like ducking when walking across the room while the projector is on (and don’t want to be blinded by the light). As a result, it’s more of a semi-short-throw option, but as long as you can place it between the sofa and the screen, there shouldn’t be any issues with people moving around and casting shadows.

The X2-4K has essentially comparable performance and specifications to the X1-4K, but it offers higher brightness at 2,150 ANSI lumens, in part because it simply sits closer to a screen or a wall. The short-throw X2-4K costs around $2,152 and the X1-4K costs about $1,478 in the UK right now, respectively. Viewsonic predicts that both will be more widely accessible in the second quarter of 2023.

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