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The brand-new indoor camera from Ring has an integrated privacy shutter

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Photo Credit: Ring On May 24, Ring will introduce a new Ring inside Cam, the first inside camera in its lineup to come with a privacy shutter. If you don't require the extra privacy features, the shutter can be simply removed and allows you to turn off both the camera and microphone. However, the shutter cannot be remotely actuated. This implies that in order to use the privacy shutter, you will need to manually swivel it in front of the camera, then swivel it out of the way in order to resume recording. Still, it's unquestionably a step in the right way as the first Ring Indoor Cam to offer the feature. Ring Indoor Cam: Budget price, high-end features Photo Credit: Trusted Reviews The next Ring Indoor Cam includes 1080p video capture, color night vision, and two-way audio in addition to the new privacy option. It also integrates with Ring's brand-new SOS for Cameras feature, which enables Ring Protect Pro members to call for emergency services. Every Ring Indoor Cam has an adjustable mount, making it simple to locate the ideal location to cover every square inch of your house. You won't need to be concerned about charging batteries or running out of power while you're away from home because they are powered by a connected connection. Also Read: Ring’s Newest Camera Wants to Drive With You in 2023 On May 24, the $60 Ring Indoor Cam will be available for purchase. On the official Ring website, preorders are currently available. Check out our list of the top indoor cameras of 2023 if you're seeking for an indoor camera that is currently on the market.

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