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Tiny “Asterisk” Tetris Gamers Got a New Attraction for $20

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Tiny “Asterisk” Tetris Gamers Got a New Attraction for $20-GadgetAny

A miniature arcade playing device is available at low cost for Tetris gamers.

Arcade enthusiasts on social media were excited about some new arcade gaming machines available for as low as $20 on the market. Arcade fans are creating media videos, unboxing the excellent new arcade device, and providing reinventions of the original games.

Many home-based tech tinkerers create innovative keyboard switches and emulator kits with ordinary tech materials, and the new Arcade Tetris machine is one of them. This attractive machine is the invention of a British designer, Ali, and is gaining wide attention among Arcade lovers. That’s quite amazing!

Asterisk game system

Ali, nicknamed Ampersand, created the palm-sized Tetris machine “Asterisk” via Liliputing, a news and information website that designs low-cost, super-portable computers like tablets and netbooks. The machine looks precisely like the asterisk symbol. It allows users to play the “falling-block puzzle game” on its miniature 0.91″ monochrome OLED display. Also, It uses the four side buttons as controls. Ampersand notes that Asterisk currently stands at 57,740 as its highest score. 

Are you looking to override the creator’s core? Well, wait! The Asterisk is out of stock on Ampersand’s Tindie page, and the creator has not yet started its next delivery date. The Tetris game costs $20, including shipping, and requires a CR2032 button-cell battery for smooth function.

The new Arcade game comes with a few cons like a terrible screen resolution, stiff controls, or press buttons, and has 3.5 inches small cabinet that might look unimpressive to high-tech gamers. However, every Asterisk machine includes a keychain with sharp edges, retro-style artwork, classic sound effects, and an exciting game in a pocket-sized enclosure is an eye-catching gaming companion that accompanies you wherever you go. All this at a meager price of $20 is a good buy!

Tetris game

The Asterisk is available on Amazon, Walmart, and ThinkGeek with other not-so-good arcade machines. However, the Tiny Arcade line of gaming machines is what you should look for while buying it, and has a deep look at its unique packaging, so you don’t accidentally buy an inferior gaming device sold at the same price.

Tiny Arcade has released Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaxian, and Space Invaders machines, costing you $80 to start a little arcade at your work desk. Also, as a word of caution, you cannot mute the gaming devices like these and so play at your own risk in front of your children or coworkers.

Furthermore, If you want to design your machine, know that the Microchip ATtiny85 micro controls the Asterisk, and the game is available at the Arduino source code for all users.

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