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There is no longer a waitlist for Microsoft Designer

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There is no longer a waitlist for Microsoft Designer-GadgetAny
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Microsoft Designer was introduced as a tool for using AI to design greeting cards, presentation templates, and other items last year. You might notice it on the Edge browser now that it is open to everyone.

Microsoft has declared that there is no longer a backlog for Designer as the business is significantly improving the preview. It can be found on its own online client as well as in the Microsoft Edge sidebar, where other AI services like Bing AI are presently available. Any design prompt you enter will be converted into a finished product by Microsoft Designer using generative AI and DALL-E.

How to join the waitlist MS Designer Ai. You don't need a designer  anymore?! - YouTube

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You could, for instance, request that it create a flyer or a social media post promoting an upcoming event. What you can imagine is truly the limit. Furthermore, you essentially don’t need any design experience because it is generated by AI. Canva was already one of the most user-friendly apps for social media posts, but AI may make it much simpler.

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We have all you need to know about using Microsoft Designer to its fullest potential.

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