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These 8 ways explain how Google Bard beats ChatGPT

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Google recently announced a wider rollout of Bard, their conversational artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, making it accessible for over 180 countries, during its I/O 2023 developer conference. Bard will soon support more than 40 languages, including Hindi, according to the search engine giant, who also said that it now supports Korean and Japanese in addition to English. Google is attempting to promote Bard in part because of its rival ChatGPT. Concerned about the future of its search engine, Google reportedly issued a "code red" in response to OpenAI's AI chatbot. Then Google launched Bard, a chatbot with conversational AI. Today, we'll look at several jobs that ChatGPT cannot perform but Bard can. Bard uses the internet to look up the answers to your inquiries, but ChatGPT does not presently permit users to access the internet. Bard will now be able to respond to your inquiries in more detail. [caption id="attachment_170913" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Bard AI Image credit : The Scotsman[/caption]

Integration with Gmail

Bard will be linked with Gmail, enabling you to quickly create your emails for various events straight in the app, Google stated during its I/O conference. There are currently no email programs that ChatGPT is integrated with. You may already export information created in Bard to Gmail and Google Docs in addition to the future interaction with Gmail. facilitating your usage of the content it produces. You are only able to copy the content when using ChatGPT.

Provide the latest information

Bard can provide you the most recent information because it is connected to the internet. Contrarily, ChatGPT is restricted to occasions occurring until September 2021. Bard is now a superior tool because you can acquire the most recent information, which benefits both professionals and students.

Summarize webpages

[caption id="attachment_170701" align="aligncenter" width="600"]chatgpt Image credit : The New York Times[/caption] Due to its internet connectivity, Bard also has the ability to summarize online pages. Bard has internet access, so you can rapidly summarize websites by sending the link to others. You will need to copy-paste the text you want summarized because ChatGPT is unable to connect to the internet.

Voice prompts

Bard allows you to ask questions using voice prompts, something ChatGPT does not yet provide. This is similar to most Google products. When multitasking, voice prompts come in helpful because you can ask questions without having to type them down.


Over 20 programming languages are supported by Google's Bard, and it can provide information about programs just by providing a link to them. Although ChatGPT is adept at coding, if you supply a link to a program, it cannot explain it. Bard offers you searches relevant to your prompt in addition to providing an answer to your query. This makes it simpler for you to carry on your search and provides you with a list of potential leads. Another area where ChatGPT is currently lacking is in this.

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