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These Top Seller Platform Games Are Available On Steam For Less Than $15

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These Top Seller Platform Games Are Available On Steam For Less Than $15-GadgetAny
Top Seller Platform Games

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Recently, 2D platformers in particular have experienced somewhat of a renaissance. This might be a reaction to the relentless drive for realism at the price of entertainment, or it might just be one of the side effects of nostalgia. Whatever the case, lovers of the genre will find a ton of deals during Steam’s Spring Sale.

  • Dead Cells

For die-hard fans of puzzle platformers in the Metroidvania style with a dash of roguelike flavor, Dead Cells hits all the right notes. In Dead Cells, you must hack and slash your way through a variety of different opponents as you explore a fortress that is always changing.

Dead Cells: Everyone is Here! Gameplay Trailer - YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube

The weapons are abundant and varied, the fighting is fluid and skill-based, and there are many ways to explore the gloomy, winding castle corridors thanks to the progression system. Just don’t die — or do — because if you do, you’ll have to restart everything from scratch, only keeping the permanent enhancements you worked so hard to obtain. During the Steam Spring Sale, Dead Cells is marked down to US$12.49.

  • Hollow Knight

In the 2D platformer Hollow Knight, players go through the gloomy underground realm of Hallownest, which is teeming with charm, history, and life. You will encounter allies and foes as you explore the depths in search of salvation, learning more about Hallownest as you go. 

These clues will eventually explain the tragic history of how things came to be the way they are. Fast-paced action, adaptable movement, and strong progression mechanics that allow for deeper exploration and more difficult combat encounters, pushing you ever ahead, provide for gameplay that is both hard and gratifying.Through March 23, 2023, Hollow Knight is available for for $7.49 USD during the Steam Spring Sale.

  • Sable

Sable isn’t particularly violent or grim, or even a platformer, really, but it is a change of pace in terms of both visual style and gameplay. Sable is a 3D adventure and exploration game with significant elements of puzzle-platforming.

Sable doesn’t require players to defeat hordes of corrupted opponents or engage in spectacular boss battles. Instead, they accompany the title character on a rite of passage that involves riding a hoverbike across the desert to explore the environment, cross chasms, climb ancient ruins, and assist other travelers. The stunning, hand-drawn setting, tranquil soundtrack, and hard puzzles peppered throughout the adventure are Sable’s main draws. During the deal, Sable is available for US$11.24.

  • Neon Abyss

With the inclusion of chaotic, extremely violent weapons, outrageous characters, and a ton of pop-culture allusions, Neon Abyss amplifies the gritty pixel look that has become so popular in recent independent platformer releases.

Neon Abyss - Release Date Trailer - IGN

Photo Credit: IGN

Despite having an extensive array of weaponry, an excellent growth system, and a respectable cast of characters, Neon Abyss ultimately comes across as a lighthearted game. The combination of bullet-hell and roguelike aspects keeps the gameplay interesting from run to run, and each character has their own trademark moves. Through March 23, 2023, Neon Abyss is available for US$6.79 during the Steam Spring Sale.

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