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This open source, free alternative to ChatGPT is currently accessible

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This open source, free alternative to ChatGPT is currently accessible-GadgetAny

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The first ChatGPT-style open-source AI chatbot has arrived, and it couldn’t have come at a better moment. ColossalChat is a strong replacement that powers ChatGPT with an RHLF pipeline that is comparable to OpenAI’s GPT-4 model and is immediately usable.

Of course, ChatGPT continues to be the best AI chatbot and is extremely popular. But when I merely went to log in, I saw that it was full and inaccessible. This is a typical issue the service has. On the other side, ColossalChat is free to use and completely open.

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This new AI chatbot is similar to OpenAI’s solution in that it can communicate, produce code, and respond intelligently to queries. You can test it out at chat.colossalai.org without having to sign in or make an account.

ColossalChat offers certain precautions, although they are less strict than ChatGPT, according to a short test. Although it didn’t want to discuss bombs, it gave advise on finding cheap smokes.

One of its developers, Yang You, said on Medium that ColossalChat’s Coati large language model, which responds more like ChatGPT, is built on LLaMA, Meta’s open-source large language model. The closest project to ChatGPT’s original technical course, according to You, is ColossalChat.

If you can build the project on your PC, LLaMA can be utilized immediately. Its outcomes won’t, however, be as interesting as those of ChatGPT or Colossal.

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RHLF is a crucial component of ChatGPT and ColossalChat. It refers to learning through reinforcement and human input, much like how tricks are taught to animals. The network learns about human preferences when the AI response is appropriately rewarded.

It’s too soon to say whether ColossalChat is similar to the most recent version of ChatGPT, which only supported text processing and used GPT-3.5. The most recent version of OpenAI supports multimodal input, allowing photos to be submitted to help the chatbot understand what you are attempting to achieve or the question you are asking visually.

Another ChatGPT substitute that uses GPT-4 for text input and output is Microsoft’s BingChat. Thanks to a function called Bing Picture Maker, Bing Chat can now also produce photos.

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It’s unlikely that ColossalChat will outpace ChatGPT in terms of features, popularity, or breadth, but it’s excellent to have options, particularly if and when ChatGPT reaches capacity.

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