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This robotic sphere can roll & fly over obstacles, can be deployed in dangerous location

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This robotic sphere can roll & fly over obstacles, can be deployed in dangerous location-GadgetAny
Hybrid Mobility Robot

Image credit : Revolute Robotics

Revolute Robotics, a startup founded by students in Arizona, has developed the Hybrid Mobility Robot (HMR), an impressive fully autonomous bot capable of rolling to its destination and even flying over obstacles. The concept is fascinating and captivating to witness in action.

Autonomous robots come in various forms, from flying drones to wheeled and bipedal designs, each tailored for specific applications. However, combining multiple modes of movement is a challenging task, and this startup seems to have successfully solved the puzzle.

Hybrid Mobility Robot
Image credit : Revolute Robotics

The main purpose behind creating this bot is to automate inspections in confined spaces, such as oil rigs and deep mine shafts, where sending humans for inspections poses significant safety risks. Traditional inspections can be time-consuming and costly, as operations must be halted for weeks.

Revolute Robotics’ solution is a remarkable autonomous bot equipped with gyroscopic gimbal rings that allow it to roll in any direction. It can utilize four propellers to fly over obstacles or access inaccessible areas during inspections.

The bot’s setup includes a versatile camera or sensor that can be switched based on the specific application. It is housed in a lightweight exoskeleton strong enough to endure shocks from falls or rough terrain, while also covering the propellers to ensure safety when operating near humans.

The flying capability does consume the onboard battery more rapidly, but it offers the advantage of enabling the bot to escape from unexpected situations like falling from a high ledge.

In addition to confined space inspections, the bot has potential applications in search and rescue missions, where swarms of bots can significantly enhance efficiency and save time. It could also be utilized for security purposes, inspecting suspicious items, patrolling large perimeters, and protecting humans from harm. Additionally, the military might leverage this technology for reconnaissance missions in challenging environments.

To bring their creation to the market, Revolute Robotics has turned to crowdfunding for manufacturing and commercial deployment. While the current bots are relatively large, they can be downsized for civil applications, such as inspecting pipelines, making it plausible to see utility companies adopting them in the future.

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With its fully autonomous operation, the bot can be set free to navigate using its gimbal rings until the mission objective is accomplished, then return to its user on its own.

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