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Tinder adds a feature for photo verification using video selfies and AI

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Tinder adds a feature for photo verification using video selfies and AI-GadgetAny

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The well-known dating app Tinder has introduced a new, AI-powered Photo Verification procedure that incorporates selfie videos to enhance the user experience and support user profile authentication.

The upgrade also gives Photo Verified members more control over who they communicate with by enabling them to demand that their matches go through the verification process first.

In their message settings, these members can also choose to only receive messages from other Photo Verified members.

Important Safety Feature
One of the most important safety features on the dating app, according to Rory Kozoll, SVP of Product Integrity at Tinder, is photo verification.

Tinder adds video selfies to profile verification - Aroged - Aroged
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Members who have their photos verified have another means to judge the legitimacy of their matches, and those who are 18 to 25 years old have a 10% higher chance of matching.

In order to establish a safer environment for meeting new individuals, Kozoll emphasizes that Tinder will give priority to these techniques.

Members of Tinder value authenticity and real connections. Nearly 40% of all users of the dating app had their photo verified blue checkmark2, according to a blog post.

“In early testing, the introduction of video selfies increased the likelihood that men would complete Photo Verification. In light of this, Tinder will now urge all new users to complete the upgraded Photo Verification process when they create a profile.

Tinder's verification process will now use AI and video selfies | TechCrunch
Image credit- TechCrunch

Users With Photos Only Feature
Members used to take still pictures of themselves in static poses, which were then compared to other members’ profiles. To get a blue checkmark under the new procedure, members must finish a series of video instructions.

Members of Tinder have access to features that let them manage their online dating experience. Members have the option of choosing who they communicate with, and those who pick “Photo Verified Chat” in their message settings will only hear from other Photo Verified members.

They can also request photo confirmation from their matches before striking up a discussion. Members of Tinder Gold can also filter their “Likes” to only include Photo Verified users.

In order to keep users’ verified photographs current, Tinder will soon urge all users to update to the newest version of Photo Verification, which now includes the video selfie capability.

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The ability to choose “Photo Verified Members” alone in message settings will be made available in the upcoming months, and the video selfie feature is currently available globally.

Since Tinder expects all of its users to be sincere and accurately represent themselves on the app, Photo Verification is free for anyone who wants to join.


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