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Tips to Reduce Neck & Eye Strain While Watching TV: Stay Healthy!

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Watching television, you mostly assume that we will let our stress go, spend quality time with a family, giggle at funny scenes, and many more. But somehow, you neglect the adverse effect of streaming your favorite show if you've ever experienced irritated eyes, blurred vision, or headaches. The good news is you can avoid such health hazards, especially on your eyes and neck, by adopting healthy TV viewing habits. Jotting down some useful tips to minimize eye strain and neck strain:
  • Apply 20-20 rule:
Continuously watching TV badly affects the vision and puts a strain on the neck so that you can take regular breaks every 20 minutes. For instance, you can look at any object other than the TV for 20 seconds which must be 20 feet away. Reduce Neck & Eye Strain While Watching TV By doing this, you can break your focus from the TV screen and have a relaxation time. Maintain safe viewing distance: Substantially, you can sit at a distance of at least 90 centimeters from a 43-inch screen and one meter from a 55-inch TV screen. And if you have high-resolution TV screens, then preferably keep a minimum distance of 1.7 meters from 43- an inch screen and 1.9 meters from a 55-inch TV screen. Make sure of adequate lighting: Avoid watching TV in a dark room as it can make your pupils expand, leading to eye strain. So better you stream in the bright light room for less stress. Place your TV at eye leve Place your TV at eye level: You can adjust the TV screen according to your eye level as constantly looking up or down will be an irritating experience for both your eyes and neck. Blink your eyes often: Remember to blink your eyes frequently while watching TV: if you fail to do so, the bare surface of the eye can become dry and irritated.

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