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Track your lost Android phone, See How

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Track your lost Android phone, See How-GadgetAny
Track your lost Android

What’s more painful when you lose or are not able to find your lifeline- Your mobile phone. Not to sound awful! But I think it’s a sinking feeling that arrives the moment you realize your Android phone is missing. Our phones are carrying personal information, our bank details, and many other things, and it’s a fact that losing a phone is a costly experience that is one of the worst feelings someone ever had. 

Take a deep breath, and prepare yourself to learn some hacks to find your lost Android phone with ease. However, every Android phone comes with some in-built tools that make it possible to secure your important information and also track down your lost Android phone.

Track your lost Android

First of all, It is very important to know whether your Android phone’s setting is set properly to track your lost phone’s location.

Here are some settings you must have on your lost Android phone:

  • The Android phone which you have lost must be turned ON.
  • The lost Android phone’s location must be ON and shown on Google Play.
  • You must have signed in to your Google account and your phone must be connected to mobile data or Wi-fi.
  • ‘Find My Device’, this option on your device must be turned ON.

Once you have concluded about the above settings, now you are all set to track your lost Android  phone, fortunately, it’s quite simple!

  • Visit on Android phone’s website www.android.com/find
  • Signed in from the primary Google account from which you have already signed in on your lost phone.
  • Click on the lost phone in the upper left corner.
  • Now, you can view your phone’s location on Google Maps.
  • You can also click on ‘Play sound ‘ to ring the phone for 5 minutes even if it is on silent/vibrate mode.
Track your lost Android
3d illustration of mobile phone with navigation software

After using these steps if you have found your lost Android phone then it’s pretty okay!

Although, it sometimes happens that you left the phone in an unknown place or maybe someone picked it up and now in no intention to return it to you. You can ensure your information data by clicking on the ‘Enable lock and erase’ option on that same page i.e. Find My Device on Android’s website and your phone will be set on factory reset and all your data will be safe.

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