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Twitter Allows To Unmention Yourself From Unwanted Convos

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Twitter Allows To Unmention Yourself From Unwanted Convos-GadgetAny
Twitter Allows To Unmention Yourself From Unwanted Convos

Twitter, a microblogging platform, is rolling out a new feature that enables its users to remove themselves from unwanted conversations. Now, all Twitter users will be excited to use the new feature “unmention,” which unlinks them from the Twitter thread. This conversation-leave feature will ensure users no longer be tagged in future tweets; also, other users from the same unwanted conversation cant approach the user to reply. 

Although this feature will not bound other users from replying to the conversation, they form a shield to the person responding who uses the “unmention” feature and block notifications from that conversation too. “Sometimes you want to see yourself out. Take control of your mentions and leave a conversation with Unmentioning, now rolling out to everyone on all devices,” the platform said in a tweet.

However, the feature was in testing mode for more than a year; in April, the company started testing this feature in small groups of people on the web only. Now, after the successful testing, it is updated on the Twqitter apps or website by which users remove themselves from a toxic thread on Twitter.

Twitter Allows To Unmention Yourself From Unwanted Convos

Additionally, the platform has deployed certain features to keep mentions civil, including an anti-harassment Safety Mode. According to the reports, Twitter has tried many consequences to save its users from interacting in a conversation that is susceptible to harassment. Also, the services have added ‘reply-limiting’ and testing on ‘safety mode,’ which automatically blocks malicious accounts.

Previously, it said by the company in one of its tweets that “we are experimenting with Unmentioning, a way to help you protect your peace and remove yourself from conversations, available on the Web for some of you now, “after reading this tweet, users concluded about how Twitter is concerned about the harassment of its users caused by unwanted conversation.

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