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UAE Consumers Use Their Smartphones The Most For Shopping Online Or In-Store

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UAE Consumers Use Their Smartphones The Most For Shopping Online Or In-Store-GadgetAny

UAE, which is home to the E-commerce market, with 70% of the shoppers using their phones throughout the shopping for online payments, product reviews, checking the status of the orders ordered online, navigation, etc.

UAE consumers’ strong preference for mobile phone shopping is so much that it leaves behind Brazil, Mexico, the U.K., the USA, and Australia. Moreover, it makes the country’s eCommerce merchandise distinctive on the world map.

“The 2022 Global Shopping Index: UAE Edition,” a PYMNTS and Cybersource collaboration, delves into the details of what separates the UAE eCommerce market from other major world economies — and what those differences mean for the businesses looking to make their mark:

UAE Consumers

“We surveyed 13,114 consumers and 3,100 merchants across six countries to learn how UAE shopping preferences differ from those in other countries, which shopping and payment feature local shoppers want most, and how well local merchants are meeting their customers’ demands.”

Findings in the research:

  • Smartphones are a must for UAE shoppers, for both online and in-store shopping. About 65% of the shoppers used their phones while shopping in the store.
  • Shoppers in UAE use curbside or store pick-up options more than any other country, accounting for 1/3rd of e-commerce shoppers.
  • Sellers in UAE provide cross-channel shopping features to buyers, but the quality is compromised, showing 35% of shopping friction than other countries.

Above are some of the findings in the UAE e-commerce research market. “The 2022 Global Digital Shopping Index: UAE Edition” sheds light on what makes the market unique and how the sellers provide customized products to local shoppers.

Data Shopping Online

While shopping at a brick-and-mortar store, 59.2% of UAE consumers used their smartphones to help them in in-store shopping. The score puts UAE above the six-country average of 32.8% and significantly ahead of the U.K., where only 23.6% of people use smartphone-assisted in-store shopping.

Emirati consumers use their smartphones for product information and price comparison when shopping from the store. Among eight categories used for in-store shopping, UAE averaged above six countries.

UAE Consumers

The UAE also leads in sole mobile shopping. Consumers in the country are the most likely of those surveyed to have completed their most recent purchases entirely through their smartphones, as 32% reported doing so.

A similar preference between Australia, Brazil, the U.K., and the USA for shopping was seen from 20% to 22%. However, in Mexico, only 13.1% of shoppers used mobile phones for shopping, and others were inclined towards in-store shopping and paying in the store.

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