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Unlimited Google Photos Storage Is Back

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Unlimited Google Photos Storage Is Back-GadgetAny

T-Mobile is offering new Google One membership for its customers. Additionally, the new option will back up Google Photos Unlimited storage backup service. Google stopped the free photo storage in 2021, prompting users to look for other storage options. In addition, Google still had an in-built 15GB of free storage. However, photography enthusiasts were unsatisfied with the 15GB of free storage space. So, they had to subscribe to Google One membership plan to store countless pictures and videos. Therefore, they are immensely pleased with the news of unlimited Google Photos storage coming back. 

Furthermore, Google One membership begins at $2 per month for 100GB of cloud storage. And it goes up to $10 per month for 2TB of cloud storage. Additionally, it comes with other benefits like a VPN and a 10% credit back on Google Store purchases. The latest plan is the most expensive of all Google One memberships options. It costs $15 per month for 2TB of cloud storage with all the perks of Google One membership. And most importantly, it includes unlimited Google Photos storage with original-resolution photos and video backup. 

Google Photos Storage

However, the new tier is only accessible to T-Mobile customers. In addition, users can share the 2TB cloud storage with up to five other people. But, the benefit of the unlimited Google Photos storage backup is only applicable to T-Mobile account managers. Lastly, the new storage option will become accessible to users from April 26.

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