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Update on Discord Changes the Four-Digit Username to Alphanumeric

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Update on Discord Changes the Four-Digit Username to Alphanumeric-GadgetAny

Discord is about to make you pick a new, unique username (Image credit- Polygon)

A significant change is coming to the popular social media and gaming platform Discord as it eliminates the four-digit tag that appears after a user’s username.

The platform’s foundations as a gaming platform have been significantly shifted by this transformation to a setting more akin to popular social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

The majority of users will be prompted to change their usernames after the update, which replaces the four-number identification with a distinctive alphanumeric combination that includes special characters, spaces, and emojis.

The popular voice and text chat service Discord, which began as a gaming platform, is abandoning its four-digit tag system, which adds a suffix to each user’s name to distinguish them from other users with the same name.

Discord Is Ditching The Four-Digit Username System
Image credit- Kotaku Australia

Users will be able to select a special display name that uses non-Latin characters, emoji, special characters, spaces, and a “@” symbol starting in the following few weeks.

The Advantages of Eliminating Four-Number Tags from Discord Usernames
Stanislav Vishnevskiy, a co-founder of Discord, explains that the choice made it “easier to connect” with other users and made it easier for users to remember and share their names with friends.

Although the four numbers have been a key component of the Discord experience, the company claims that they have grown into “technical debt” that has not been “adequately addressed.”

Vishnevskiy notes in the blog post announcing the update that the move will surprise long-time users, particularly those who have grown accustomed to their four-number tags, as further explained in an official blog post by Discord.

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Discord will give long-time users priority and provide them earlier access to choosing their new nicknames in order to make things go more smoothly. Additionally, they are still able to use their previous usernames as aliases, which allows their friends to still find them.

Discord Update Switches Up the Four-Digit Username to Alphanumeric | Tech Times
Image credit- Tech Times

It is natural that long-time users are hesitant to give up their four-digit tags because Discord’s New Username System Change can be challenging. In any event, this change will give Discord users a more organized and user-friendly experience. It serves as a reminder that the service aims to provide its users with the greatest possible experience.

The four-digit tag that was previously added to Discord usernames is being removed, which is a significant development. The business claimed in a blog post that the tag had accrued “technical debt” and made usernames challenging to remember and spread.

According to information on Discord’s support page, they are replacing the tags with distinctive alphanumeric usernames supported by the “@” symbol to make them more resemble well-known social networks.

Users of the platform are conflicted about the change because it forces them to choose a new identity, which means longstanding Discord users will have to say goodbye to the letters and numbers they had long identified with their user.


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