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Most Powerful Key In Mac Keyboard: Uses of Command Key in Six Ways

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Most Powerful Key In Mac Keyboard: Uses of Command Key in Six Ways-GadgetAny

Mac’s modifier keys are excellent for executing specific shortcuts for which a single key is unavailable. For instance, Mac users can easily force-close an app (Option-Command-Esc) or take a screenshot (Command-Shift-4) using the modifier keys in these shortcuts. Additionally, the Command key on Mac is the most widely used and essential modifier key. It can help users copy and paste text, undo previous commands, select all items, etc. But, surprisingly, the key is much more powerful and valuable than that. 

Many Mac users are unaware of everything this key can do. For instance, it can quickly hide windows cluttering the desktop or search for anything on the computer. So, for those unaware, here are six unique ways to use the Command key on Mac – 

1. Cycle through all the open app windows

The Command-Tab shortcut enables users to cycle through every open app window on their desktop. But, the window needs to be open on the desktop and not minimized in the dock. Thus, if users hold down the Command-Tab combination, it will bring up a window with the open apps. And, if users want a particular app in the front, they have to press the Command button while tapping the Tab key to shuffle through the open apps. 

mac keyboard command

2. Hide an open window

Users can quickly hide an open window with the Command-H shortcut instead of minimizing it. The shortcut will hide the window from the desktop and dock without closing it completely. In addition, users can open that window again by clicking the app icon present anywhere on their Mac. Also, with the Option-Command-H shortcut, users can hide all app windows except the currently open one. 

3. Open Spotlight search

Spotlight search is one of the most amazing and essential features on a Mac. It searches anything on the computer – text messages, emails, documents, applications, notes, music, settings, movies, locations, etc. Usually, to open Spotlight search, users have to use the magnifying glass in the menu bar. But, the Command-Space bar shortcut opens the feature more quickly. 

4. Highlight the URL in a web browser

mac keyboard command

Users generally double-click in the search bar and copy the selected text to the clipboard to share a web address. But, the Command-L shortcut is a much quicker way to highlight text in the address bar in Safari, Chrome, or any other browser. It can either be something users have typed or the URL of a currently open website. Then, users can copy it with the Command-C shortcut and paste it wherever they want. 

5. Reopen closed tabs in Safari

The Command-T shortcut opens a new tab in Safari; many Mac users are aware of that. However, what can users do to reopen an accidentally closed tab? Well, they can hit Command-Shift-T to reopen a recently closed tab. Additionally, users can recover several closed tabs by continuously pressing the shortcut.

6. Open new email, text message, note, etc.

Many people know that the Command-N shortcut opens a new window in many popular applications. But, on Mac, the shortcut can open a new email in Mail, a text message in iMessage, a window in Safari, a note in Notes, an event in Calendar, etc. 

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