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VR headsets and cars will soon have a haptic touch thanks to Ultraleap!

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Imagine being able to feel things like the resistance of a button you push, the weight of a tool in your hand, and the texture of a virtual object without even getting up from your seat. Ultraleap, a partnership of two forward-thinking digital companies, is aiming for this future. Leap Motion and Ultrahaptics recently merged to form Ultraleap, which is leading the way in haptic technology for the upcoming wave of Extended Reality (XR). The pioneer of ultrasound-based tactile feedback, Ultrahaptics, teams up with hand-tracking innovator Leap Motion. This formidable alliance seeks to transform our interactions with virtual environments. A vision that goes beyond the limitations of sight and sound is planned. Users will experience a previously unheard-of degree of realism while grasping, manipulating, and feeling virtual items thanks to the combination of Leap Motion's accurate hand tracking and Ultrahaptics' realistic touch sensation generation capabilities. UltraLeap This creative solution goes beyond heavy gear or thick gloves. With the use of carefully positioned emitters, such as a tiny puck on the floor, Ultraleap's technology projects focused ultrasonic waves that give your hands a tactile experience. By removing the need for extra gear, this clever solution increases the accessibility and immersion of XR experiences. With applications in gaming, education, design, and even professional training, the possibilities are practically endless. Imagine builders manipulating 3D models with their bare hands, doctors practising delicate procedures in a virtual environment, or gamers experiencing the recoil of a virtual weapon. The options are genuinely endless. In the direction of this future, Ultraleap is already moving forward. With the software tool Sensation Designer, which they recently unveiled, developers can now create engaging and interactive haptic experiences in XR. This is a big step toward enabling touch in the virtual environment. A turning point in the development of XR technology has been reached with the merging of Ultrahaptics and Leap Motion. Ultraleap has the potential to completely change how we interact with digital worlds by bridging the gap between the real and virtual, allowing them to be felt as much as seen and heard.

By Monica Green

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