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Want To Watch The Bournemouth vs Arsenal Live Game For Free? Here's How!

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Photo Credit: Tom's Guide The forthcoming encounter between Arsenal and Bournemouth on Saturday could be a thrilling one as the Premier League soccer season continues. In contrast to Bournemouth, who is now in second-to-last place in the standings, Arsenal has had a strong start to the season and currently leads the league. The official broadcasting partners for the Premier League match are NBC and USA networks. If you are in the US and wish to catch the action live, there are multiple options, and is possible even without a cable connection. Here are some of the platforms that are hosting live matches of the Bournemouth vs Arsenal and some are available for free too! You can watch live matches on Peacock NBC's Peacock streaming service is a great and extremely cost-effective choice for the ones who want to watch the Arsenal vs. Bournemouth live stream. The platform offers a large range of live TV and on-demand series and movies, making it a wonderful addition to your library of streaming apps. The cost-effective solution offers dependable, high-quality streaming for both sports fans and entertainment fanatics, with plans starting at $5 per month or $50 per year. Also, unlike other streaming services, Peacock is broadcasting every Premier League soccer game this season, not just a few. Peacock is a great way to do it if you want to watch the most recent soccer game or binge-watch your favorite episodes. Sling TV Another great way to watch the match is through Sling TV which offers live viewing of the Bournemouth vs Arsenal match. It has two plans, one is Sling TV Blue which airs selected live matches including the Arsenal vs Bournemouth at $40 monthly making it the most economical streaming platform. You can go cableless so that you will not have to pay for the channels you will never be viewing. It offers 40 channels airing live matches along with TV programs. Additionally,  if you sign up right now, you will be getting a 50% discount on the first month of your subscription. FuboTV This one is another great option to watch the live streaming of Arsenal vs Bournemouth match as it is a more sports-oriented platform giving access to a whole range of sports media along with NBC which airs the Premier League soccer games. The FuboTV’s plans start at $75 for a month with more than 150 channels along with DVR storage of 1000 hours with ten simultaneous streamings. Especially if the houses have too many people steaming at the same time, this is a blessing in disguise. For the new entrants, FuboTv offers a free seven-day trial period including the Arsenal vs Bournemouth match at no cost along with sports content. Hulu With Live TV Hulu with Live Tv is a great option for viewing a live Arsenal vs Bournemouth match and is easily our favorite as it includes Hulu, ESPN+, Disney+ along with 85 channels covering a wide variety of live shows, sports, movies etc. Sports enthusiasts and UFC fans love Hulu With Live TV as CBS, Fox, NBC, etc, can be accessed. ESPN+ is the premier channel to watch live streams of UFC and also the only way to watch UFC PPV content.  Hulu with Live TV is a great option for anyone wishing to convert to a comprehensive streaming service and cut the cable cord because of its user-friendly design and a wide content of selection.

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