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What Is the Deep Web & Dark Web?

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What Is the Deep Web & Dark Web?-GadgetAny
deep web & dark web

The deep web refers to all web links, pages, and web addresses that could not be reached or identified by our general search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or any other web browser. The contents and addresses of the deep web were not indexed by the available search engines, paywalled sites, private databases, or dark web.

Many experts say that our general search engines crawl and index less than 1% of all the internet content. The content we see in our daily life is called the surface web. The content on the deep web is primarily legitimate and not criminal. 

Deep web

The deep web contains email messages, chat messages, private content on social media, E-bank statements, electronic health records, and more content that is available on the internet.

All the websites that require subscriptions are paywalled, and bots do not crawl these websites. So, wherever there are fee-required services, the bot will not crawl that particular site.

There are various advantages of the deep web. Such as, if there is an excess of data, you might find it challenging to find the relevant search result. Also, there is a privacy issue. No one would want everyone to know what they are watching on Netflix or what they are doing with their accounts.

When we hear the term Dark web, we misunderstand it as deep web. At the same time, these are entirely different from each other. The dark web is only a fraction of part of the Deep web. 

While the Deep web contains different types of databases, publications, and other helpful stuff, the dark web is disreputable. The dark web is responsible for illegal activities, including the black market, firearms, malware, prostitution, sex trafficking, and drugs. It is a ground for cyber crimes and cyber attacks. There are many illegal marketplaces and forums where criminal activities are advertised and discussed.

Dark Web

Silk Road’s drug dealing website was used as an example of the dark web for a long time. The owner of this website was arrested and got life in prison with no chance of parole. The only illegal product not available on the dark web is explicit child exploitation material. Pedophiles operate their shady websites and forums at different places where drugs and credit cards are sold.

To conclude, you can say that the Deep web is safe and filled with information we put on our accounts by different mediums and is a store for all online data. However, the Dark web is an illegal platform that is a shady place where every kind of bad thing happens or is planned.

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