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Who is Lauren Young? Harvey Weinstein’s accuser says his p***s ‘seemed chopped off and sewn back on’

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Who is Lauren Young? Harvey Weinstein’s accuser says his p***s ‘seemed chopped off and sewn back on’-GadgetAny
Harvey Weinstein & Lauren Young

One of the numerous women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault detailed how the notorious film mogul imprisoned her in a hotel suite toilet and masturbated on her there.

When actress Claudia Salinas locked her and Weinstein in the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, Lauren Young explained how she was an ambitious actress eager to meet the former film producer in 2013.

Young testified in front of the jury in Weinstein’s rape case in Los Angeles at the request of the prosecution to help establish a pattern of the disgraced businessman’s sexual misconduct, which she had previously detailed in her testimony during the disgraced mogul’s New York trial in February 2020.

She was not one of the accusers, however, who provided the evidence that led to Weinstein’s conviction for rape and sexual assault and his subsequent 23-year jail sentence.

As of right now, Weinstein, 70, is facing 11 additional counts of sexual battery by restraint for the same conduct. If proven guilty, he might spend the rest of his life in a California prison.

On November 7, Young addressed the jury in court and said that in early 2013, she was working as a model and that her career goals were to be an actress and a playwright.

She considered Weinstein’s personal assistant, Claudia Salinas, to be a friend and worked with her to set up a meeting with him in Beverly Hills on the evening of February 19, 2013, to discuss a project she was working on.

“Harvey Weinstein turned on the shower and removed his clothing right away. I felt repulsed, “Young reportedly stated in court, per the Daily Mail. “I’d never seen a huge person that big in the nappy. I really chuckled apprehensively while thinking, “No, no, no, “‘, she said as she started to sob.

“He was just staring at me talking,” Young recalled. “I had never seen someone that big naked, so I just couldn’t fathom what was even happening to me right. He was just talking about the business and other actresses. And saying this is what they do, this is how I know you can act. I kept saying ‘no no no,’” she recounted. “He just ignored what I said. Everything happened so fast.”

Lauren Young & Harvey Weinstein
Credit: BuzzFeed

She claimed that as she was still attempting to run, Weinstein entered the shower at that time. Weinstein shut the door after exiting the shower, but she was unable to flee. “We’re just going to talk,” he said. I responded, “No, no, no.

Young claims that Weinstein continued to bother her and eventually began “touching” her. He allegedly unbuttoned the back of her dress and tugged it down to her hips when she turned away from the movie mogul and backed up toward the sink, according to Young.

He was squeezing my breasts and jerking away, as if he were squinting at me rather than paying attention. talking to me while holding me still. He was only grabbing me and masturbating.

She stated that despite her repeated “no” replies, he persisted for a while and even tried to touch her vagina in spite of her attempts to stop him with her hands.

Young added, “I was genuinely disgusted by his body and the face he was giving me. “I was considering how to leave this place safely and what to do. What are going to happen to me? I was feeling very numb, she continued.

“I felt like I was outside of my body watching what was happening, I couldn’t move I was frozen. I was so scared. I was scared of Harvey Weinstein. … that he would hurt me, or send someone to hurt me, or ruin my career, or make my life hell.”


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While narrating the harassment incident, Young said, “He went back to groping my right breast even harder before ejaculating on the towel he was using and leaving the bathroom. I was in so much shock, I was wondering how I was going to leave, and if they were going to let me leave,” she said.

“I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I pulled up my dress and I exited the bathroom. I saw Claudia Salinas right there. I shot her an evil look. She didn’t say anything. She looked at me. She had this evil look. Like a smirk. Like she roped me in on something,” Young recalled.

Young acknowledged seeing Weinstein get ready before she left the apartment and went to her car. “I was in utter disbelief as I sobbed in my car. I was at a loss for what to do.

I wasn’t sure whether I ought to call the police. I questioned, “What should I do? This guy is really strong. I was at a loss for what to do. I called, reached out to, and messaged my friends.

In the end, Young asserted that she had taken the decision not to call the police to report her ordeal. She claimed, “At that moment, I was afraid that he might have a connection with the police or be corrupt in some other way. “I was incredibly terrified since I knew he had a lot of power.”

She then went on to describe Weinstein’s body. “He had rolls and he was really hairy and there was moles on his body. His penis was disgusting. It looked like it had been chopped off and sewn back on, like something wasn’t right about it.” Regarding Weinstein’s testicles, Young added, “I didn’t really see a full sack, I literally just saw a penis.”

Young claimed she never saw Weinstein again, but the very next day, she noticed Salinas and Barbara Schneeweiss from the Weinstein Co. waiting in the lobby. “I told her, ‘Don’t f******talk to me,”‘ Young said she told Salinas.

“She didn’t say anything. She stayed there and just was right by me until I went into the office room. She talked to Barbara for a little bit. She talked about job offers that they wanted to give me, I told her I wasn’t really interested in doing reality TV.”

Young continued by expressing concern over what would occur if she skipped the meeting but never followed through. She waited until the #MeToo movement started to take off in 2017 after other individuals started coming out before she decided to dial a police hotline.

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