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With a 0-60 time of 1.74 seconds, the Rimac Nevera Electric Hypercar broke 23 records in one test

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With a 0-60 time of 1.74 seconds, the Rimac Nevera Electric Hypercar broke 23 records in one test-GadgetAny

(Image credit- Electrek)

When the Rimac Nevera was originally unveiled to the public, it was seen as a potential electric hypercar, but now that the business has completed a track test in just one day, its value is being further validated.

The 23 performance records it smashed on its most recent track day, which raised the bar for hypercars in both the ICE and electric configurations, were one of its most famous accomplishments.

The company’s most recent results represent a considerable advancement in terms of performance and speed, demonstrating who is in charge when driving while also being environmentally friendly.

Electric Hypercar Rimac Nevera Set 23 Performance Records in a Single Day

In a single day of testing at Germany’s famed Automotive Testing Papenburg (ATP) facility, the Rimac Nevera all-electric hypercar shattering 23 performance records left the automotive industry in amazement.

Rimac Nevera Shaters 23 Records in One Day, Sets 1.74s 0-60
Image credit- Jalopnik

The Rimac Nevera demonstrated astounding acceleration numbers that were confirmed by top testing firms Dewesoft and RaceLogic, reiterating its status as a force to be reckoned with in the high-performance automotive sector.

The Rimac Nevera scored unheard-of acceleration benchmarks throughout the tough testing session, outpacing its rivals.

The hypercar is the fastest-accelerating car ever recorded, reaching 0-60 mph in an astounding duration of under 1.74 seconds, demonstrating its incredible speed. Beyond all expectations, it also completed the 0-100 mph mark in just 3.23 seconds, the 0-200 mph mark in a stunning 10.86 seconds, and the 0-250 mph mark in an astounding 21.89 seconds.

Acceleration is just the beginning of the remarkable performance of the Rimac Nevera. It also showed off its prowess by running the quarter-mile course in an astounding 8.26 seconds. By exceeding the previous record holders, the Bugatti Chiron and the Koenigsegg Agera RS, the Rimac Nevera is confirmed as a true powerhouse.

Renowned testing firms Dewesoft and RaceLogic were on hand to confirm and authenticate the hypercar’s extraordinary performance in order to guarantee the veracity and authenticity of the records.

Rimac Nevera sets new 0-60 mph record of 1.74 seconds
Image credit- Motor Authority

Electric hypercars from Rimac

The world-record-breaking performance of the Rimac Nevera is a result of improvements in electric vehicle technology and the unwavering commitment of Rimac Automobili, the Croatian company that created this amazing hypercar. The Nevera is redefining what is possible for electric vehicles and setting new standards for the industry with its ground-breaking acceleration and top speeds.

Prior to this, the production-ready Nevera lagged behind Tesla’s Model S with the Plaid option, with a zero to 60 mph time of just 1.85 seconds. However, in this most recent test, the Nevera has surpassed all other automobiles, including ICEs and electric cars.

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This accomplishment demonstrates the extraordinary potential of electric hypercars and their capacity to outperform their rivals with conventional internal combustion engines.

The Rimac Nevera advances the electric vehicle revolution and dispels any skepticism regarding the viability of EVs in the high-performance market by showcasing the incredible power and efficiency of electric motors.


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