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You will have to pay for Gmail but this is how you can use it for free

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You will have to pay for Gmail but this is how you can use it for free-GadgetAny
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Gmail is undoubtedly used by everyone who has a smartphone and access to the Internet. These days, having Gmail is a requirement. Gmail has been offered for free up to this point, but that could change very soon. In the future, Google will be able to pay for Gmail’s service. You might also have to pay for Gmail if this occurs.

Let us inform you that Google has begun displaying advertisements on Gmail. If allegations are to be believed, Gmail will eventually display more adverts. It is thought that the business has now decided to adopt YouTube’s strategy. The business intends to make money by running adverts. You must choose a monthly membership plan if you don’t want to watch adverts on YouTube.

Ads navigation issues

In the midst of email lists, Google has put advertisements to Gmail. Users find it extremely difficult to check their mail as a result. Numerous Gmail users have also complained about this to Google. Users frequently criticize the company’s advertising strategy as well. Users claim that navigating the mail is difficult as a result of ads.

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Advertisements coming from the previous week

According to sources, Google has been displaying advertisements on Gmail for the past week on both the web and mobile platforms. Please be aware that while adverts used to appear in Gmail, they used to do so at the top of emails. As of today, they are being included in the center of the mailing list.

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The corporation has not yet made any mention of paying for Gmail, but consumers think that if the company starts running adverts, they would eventually start paying for this platform. To do rid of advertising, the corporation can use a monthly subscription model.

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