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The 21st century is the era of personal transportation. Improved lifestyles have galvanized masses of people to opt for Electric Vehicles for personal transportation. In addition, the growing population and ambition for luxury rides have made space for individual vehicles.

Given growing worldwide pollution, electric vehicles are the need of the hour. Therefore, the pressing demand for electric transportation personal vehicles is constantly on the rise. Some leading manufacturers like Tesla and Rivian are already reaping their benefits.

As technology grows, there is always a new concept in the market. For example, the electric transportation market started booming in the 20th century. As the technology is getting better, we see a new type of products being used in the market. Some are useful and successful models and can be used in daily life. Here we have mentioned the primary type of personal transportation that is electric.

Electric Bikes


E-bikes are the most common and most used electric vehicle. Also, e-bikes are motorized electric bicycles which run on a battery. In addition, the integrated electric motor helps the vehicle to propel. Moreover, the E-bike industry is growing fast. According to Global Market Insights , it will hit US$40Billion by 2027.

E-bikes fall into two categories: Pedal Assist and Throttle Only. Riding an e-bike is almost the same as a bicycle. However, e-bikes take a little effort to ride. E-bike motors have different positioning depending on their models. They can be a front hub, rear hub, and mid-drive motors. The primary purpose of the motor is to provide torque while pedaling. Highly advanced motors offer more torque which implies more power to the bike.

The next most important aspect of an e-bike is its sensors. Sensors have two types: speed sensor and torque sensor. The speed sensor detects your pedaling and activates the motor to supply power to your ride. The torque sensor measures the force of pedaling to determine the amount of electric power to push the bike.

The battery is a major component of e-bikes. The placement of batteries depends on the size of the e-bikes. These rechargeable batteries take 5 to 6 hours to charge fully. They are easy to charge like a mobile phone.

Types of E-bikes

Pedal Assist E-bikes

Pedal assist e-bikes are more like regular bicycles. However, unlike conventional or standard bicycles pedal assist e-bikes contain a motor that detects your pedaling and kicks to assist the pedaling effort. In addition, it may or may not include any throttle. Also, it can deliver a max speed of 20 MPH. Finally, It doesn’t require any driving license or age limit.

Throttle Only

In such bikes, you need not pedal to activate the motor. Instead, you can crank the throttle to move away. It can deliver the max speed of 20 MPH. It doesn’t require any driving license or age limit.

Pedal Assist 28 MPH

Such e-bikes deliver a maximum speed of 28 MPH. For these legal e-bikes, you don’t need a driving license. However, the rider must be above 17, and a helmet is mandatory by law.

Benefits of E-bike

There are multiple benefits of owning an E-bike. E-bikes can help to improve mental and physical health. Some of the primary benefits of the E-bike are listed below.

Cost-effective: As e-bikes run on electric power and not gasoline, they are highly cost-saving. Also, the maintenance and repair cost is less expensive. However, finding an e-bike specialist may be a bit difficult.

Active lifestyle: Inarguably, bike riding keeps you active. Additionally, it adds fun to your hectic lifestyle. Moreover, constant pedaling and cutting turns at regular intervals offer you a holistic exercise. Finally, it brings your legs, thighs, shoulders, and arms to the proper shape.

Eco-friendly: As e-bikes don’t use fuel, they don’t comprise any exhaust, thus minimizing air pollution. On top of all, e-bikes are almost noiseless contribute to reducing noise pollution.

Easy to ride: E-bikes offer an effortless riding experience. The motor assists you in pedaling. Also, you exert less effort and stress while riding. Furthermore, riding an e-bike will exert low pressure on your joints and hips. Thus it serves you a sweat-free experience.

Safe and fast: E-bikes generally have a limited speed to maximize safety. A highly intuitive pedal-assist mechanism and extra efficient brakes reduce risk factors. It allows you a safe and secure ride with an ultra-modern safety mechanism.

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Electric Trikes


Trikes are electric motor-driven three-wheeled Electric Vehicles for personal transportation. Also, trikes are generally of two types: a motorcycle trike and a scooter trike. However, saddle style is the only line of difference between the two.

Also, it has two significant configurations: delta and tadpole. Delta configuration holds two wheels at the back and one at the front. However, the tadpole configuration contains two wheels at the front and one at the rear.

In addition, motorcycle trikes have saddle-style seating or horse-style seating, while the scooter trikes have step-through seating style.

Benefits of Electric Trikes

There are multiple benefits of owning an E-bike. E-bikes can help to improve mental and physical health. Some of the primary benefits of the E-bike are listed below.

Stability – As electric trikes are three-wheeled vehicles, they afford the maximum stability. There is no risk of losing balance and falling on e-trikes. In addition, it is the most suitable electric transportation mobility device for personal use dedicated to lower body paralyzed people. Its lower center of gravity mechanism allows the rider to sit in a natural position without the risk of tipping over. Finally, it is easily customizable for short-height people.

More storage –Trikes are more spacious than bikes. As a result, they have adequate space to accommodate your bags and other stuff.

Easy riding – E-trikes deliver an easy and hassle-free ride. It involves less stress on your joints and flexes. In addition, it is easy to train oneself on trikes rather than bikes.

Eco-friendly – E-trikes are eco-friendly as they operate on electricity. They help in reducing noise pollution due to their quiet characteristics.

Active lifestyle – Regular rides on e-trikes can enhance your posture. It can help you restore your shape.

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A hoverboard is a two-wheeled, portable Electric Vehicle for personal transportation. Moreover, it is like a motor-controlled fun toy. In addition, it is also called a self-balancing scooter. This self-propelled scooter acts like a powered skateboard.

It includes a footrest platform, positioned between two wheels and powered by large Li-Ion batteries. In addition, these self-balancing scooters contain motor, gyroscope sensors, wheels, Li-Ion batteries, LED lights, and charging ports.

Within a few hours to practice, you can get the hang of hoverboard riding. You can use it for the daily commute, fun rides, and grocery shopping. Also, off-road hoverboards can cruise over any surface, including hilly areas.

Most hoverboards can reach speeds between 6 MPH and 10 MPH. However, some high-class boards can deliver a speed above 12 MPH.

Benefits of Hoverboards

Undoubtedly, hoverboards have a lot to offer apart from their high speed and range. It is affordable and eco-friendly as well. Also, it includes a wide array of health benefits.

Cost-effective – As hoverboards run on a rechargeable battery and not fuel or gas, they are cost-efficient. Also, the maintenance and storage cost is meager. However, storage can never be an issue for it. In addition, they can easily dodge traffic due to their compact size.

Enhances posture – Riding a hoverboard means standing upright and looking forward. It helps you straighten your back. Moving left, right, and circle depends on your foot and toe activity. It enables you to hone your focus.

Efficient workout – A long ride on a hoverboard will efficiently burn your calories. It provides you with an overall workout. Most notably, an hour of hoverboarding can burn 300 calorie energy.

Eco-friendly – One of the essential characteristics of this fun device is its eco-friendly nature. It operates on rechargeable batteries and thus helps in reducing carbon emissions.

Stress-buster – Hoverboards serve your purpose as a recreational pastime. Long rides, off-road boarding, and mountain trekking can be a natural stress reliever for you.

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Electric Unicycle


The unicycle is a pedal-driven one-wheeled vehicle. It comes equipped with a motor and a battery. In addition, it is rechargeable. So it is more like a favorite pastime for kids and adults. Its range and speed vary depending upon the model.

It is easy to ride as riders manage speeds tilting backward and forward. Besides, most standard electric unicycles can unleash 20 to 40 MPH speed. However, some top-end electric unicycles can produce a top speed of more than 60 MPH.

Finally, these vehicles serve different purposes, such as mountain trekking, cruising, fun riding, and daily commutation.

Benefits of Electric Unicycle

Like other electric vehicles, unicycles are also beneficial for riders. Electric unicycles have made a great impact in a very short time. Aside from serving fitness and entertainment purposes, they are easy to ride. They are relatively portable thanks to their compact size and lightweight design. Most off-terrain unicycles can successfully meet road conditions for a safe ride. So, there are the following advantages of using electric unicycles:

Energy-efficient – electric unicycles are energy-efficient mobility devices. Moreover, they provide cost-effective solutions to short-distance transportation. Finally, they are perfect for daily use.

Easy workout – Electric unicycles offer you an easy workout. Unicycling provides better exercise than walking. Also, it is easy to use regularly, thanks to its portability.

Eco-friendly – Like any other electric vehicle, it doesn’t harm the environment. It’s almost quiet and doesn’t contribute to noise pollution.

Fun ride – Electric unicycles afford you fun and entertaining activities. You can enjoy cruising, racing, mountain trekking, and off-terrain activities.

Dodging the traffic – Rapid growth of society has engendered traffic congestion issues. However, traffic jam is not a problem for this one-wheeled vehicle.

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Electric Skateboard


An electric skateboard is a mode of personal transportation. It can catch lightning speed and dodge traffic. It uses a wireless hand-held throttle remote or rider body weight-shifting to control the speed.

The rider can tilt the board from one side to the other to change the direction. It contains a board deck, motor, electronic speed controller, battery, and truck as its essential components. As a result, this fast-moving device is easily maneuverable.

On average, e-boards can deliver a speed from 18 to 28 MPH. However, some high-end models can exceed 40 MPH. The top speed is generally contingent on the rider’s weight, motor power, terrain quality, and wheel size.

A powerful motor and a high-quality battery are essential for attaining traffic speed as the motor can only transfer the amount of power it gets from the battery.

Benefits of Electric Skateboards

More or less, electric skateboards deliver the same benefits as the above mobility equipment. However, the advantages of using electric skateboards are the following:

Cost-saving – The most relevant aspect of electric skateboard is its cost-saving characters. The maintenance and repairing costs are meager. Also, it doesn’t include any storage cost as well.

No traffic hassles – Electric skateboards are very compact and lightweight. So, they can easily glide through jams.

Eco-friendly – Being eco-friendly is an inherent property of electric hoverboards. They cut down on noise pollution also.

Active lifestyle – Regular skateboarding promotes your overall physical wellness. It can burn your calories efficiently. In addition, it can uplift your mood by providing fun activities along the same lines.

Full control on speed – Modern e-boards employ ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) to allow you complete control of your speed. In addition, a fully functional remote control and powerful brakes ease your instant stopping.

Electric Scooter


An electric scooter is a two-wheeled motor-driven Electric Vehicle for personal transportation. It combines a stand-up platform or deck and handlebars for steering. Moreover, their main components include a battery, tires (often pneumatic), and an electric motor. In addition, electric scooters use hub motors fixed into one or both wheels. The handlebar is a vital component. It comes fitted with controls like accelerator, brakes, speed/settings display, and power buttons.

Another significant component in e-scooters is suspension. The suspension system helps it minimize bumps to offer a smooth ride. Also, e-scooters generally use three suspension systems: spring, hydraulic or air piston, and rubber suspension. In addition, a blend of spring and hydraulic is the best type of suspension.

E-scooters serve the purpose of economical and fuel-efficient rides. In addition, they minimize noise pollution due to their silent characteristics. Moreover, they are lightweight, compact, and thus easy to handle.

Benefits of Electric Scooters

Electric scooter does not fall short of amazing you with its benefits. It has a lot to offer due to its versatility and performance. The advantages of using electric scooters are the following:

Highly convenient – E-scooters are pretty convenient to use. They take up low parking spaces. Besides being as light as hoverboards, it is easy to handle and ride. It is a perfect solution for lazy riders who are prone to exhaustion on heavy vehicles.

No pollution – E-scooters emit a minimal fraction of greenhouse gases, given their eco-friendly nature. Also, their silent nature helps reduce noise pollution. It contributes to keeping smog levels in check.

Low maintenance cost – E-scooters entail low operating and maintenance charges. Additionally, it is easy to fix e-scooters oneself, unlike a car. Thus repairing costs are also low as compared to bikes and cars.

Managing transportation – Another significant upside of e-scooters is that it helps manage public transport. Public transportation in most cities seems crowded. So, it cuts down your dependency on them.

Skipping traffic – E-scooters can easily dodge traffic jams due to their lightweight. As a result, it can efficiently meet off-road challenges.

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Electric Motorcycle/Moped


An electric motorcycle works the same as a regular motorcycle. E-motorcycles are just an electric version of standard motorcycles. However, the fundamental difference is the use of fuel. They use batteries instead of gas fuel. The electricity gets stored in a rechargeable battery that drives the electric motor. They are meant for daily commutes, trekking, and short-distance fun rides.

Another significant component in e-scooters is suspension. The suspension system helps it minimize bumps to offer a smooth ride. Also, e-scooters generally use three suspension systems: spring, hydraulic or air piston, and rubber suspension. In addition, a blend of spring and hydraulic is the best type of suspension.

Electric motorcycles are an optimal and economical replacement for regular motorcycles. E-motorcycles are famous for their eco-friendly characteristics. They don’t consume oils, and so there are no exhaust fumes.

On top of all, they don’t contribute to noise pollution. Electric motorcycles are very convenient in terms of maintenance and riding as well. However, our only gripe with it is its range. Most electric motorcycles deliver a range of 40 to 100 miles.

An e-moped is a bicycle-type motorcycle and an economical mode of transportation. The word moped is derived from motorcycle and pedal. However, modern e-moped refers to the vehicle without pedals. It consumes electricity as a source of energy instead of gasoline. They can deliver a maximum speed of 30 MPH.

When it comes to riding, they are similar to motorcycles. They are highly lightweight, compact, and so easy to handle. They allow a step-through sitting style. In addition, e-mopeds are very easy and convenient to ride and maneuver. On top of all, the maintenance cost is meager.

Benefits of E-motorcycle/Moped

E-motorcycle brings a lot of upsides to the table despite being relatively heavyweight. It can easily meet your long-distance travel requirements. The advantages of using e-motorcycles are the following:

Long-distance travel – It can squeeze out a range of 40 to 100 MPH. It is one of the most suitable vehicles for both off and on-road experiences. It can reduce your dependency on public transportation.

Environment-friendly – It contains recyclable rechargeable batteries to reduce carbon footprint. As a result, it releases a minimal amount of carbon emissions. In addition, it holds the option to take charge from renewable sources. Finally, it doesn’t impact the noise pollution as it is almost quiet.

Easy commute – It makes your daily commuting very comfortable as it is very easy to park. Moreover, it can get you rid of sweaty and crowded traveling.

Good health – Regular rides can keep you in shape. It can curb your fat level. Also, it will help you straighten your back and hone your postures.



The Orbitwheel introduces a fresh concept to wheeled sports, offering a simple idea: just two feet and two wheels, and you’re all set to go! Combining elements of a skateboard and a pair of inline skates, but surpassing both in terms of freedom and simplicity. Getting ready to ride is easy – just place your foot inside the wheel, and off you’ll glide. Thanks to the large wheel radii, you can effortlessly ride on various surfaces, and with the addition of a new connecting band, learning becomes even more straightforward. Once you’ve mastered the wave-like motion that propels you forward, you can remove the band for an incredible sense of unrestricted movement.

With the Orbitwheels spinning around your feet, you gain the ability to perform countless tricks and maneuvers limited only by your creativity. In essence, the Orbitwheel is a sizable wheel that rotates sideways around your foot. Unlike skateboards, these wheels are self-propelled through the rider’s wave-like motion, entirely eliminating the need to push off the ground every few feet to gain momentum.



It’s a fascinating bike-like vehicle resembling a miniature old Penny-farthing bicycle, but it’s not human-powered; instead, it relies on batteries for operation.

Cycling is an environmentally friendly and health-promoting way of commuting. However, the YikeBike raises questions about whether it adheres to these commonly emphasized benefits.

The YikeBike can be conveniently folded down to the size of a briefcase in just 20-30 seconds, making it ideal for urban areas where space is limited. This feature is particularly useful as bike theft is becoming more prevalent, and even securing a bike outside might not be enough to deter thieves.

The back of the YikeBike is equipped with highly noticeable LEDs that function as brake and turn signals, activated by small buttons on the handlebars. Additionally, there are two even brighter LEDs placed just in front of these buttons, serving as makeshift headlights.

Tron Lightcycle

Tron Lightcycle

The Magic Kingdom is making a long-awaited improvement to Tomorrowland with the introduction of the TRON Lightcycle Run roller coaster at Walt Disney World! It almost feels too good to be true! The highly sought-after TRON roller coaster from Shanghai Disneyland has now made its way to the United States, and we are eagerly anticipating your experience on it!

This attraction draws inspiration from the Tron movie and features a design where riders sit on motorbike-style seats resembling the lightcycles in the films. With each coaster reaching speeds of nearly 60 mph (97 km/h), it takes passengers on an exhilarating journey through a layout that replicates the video-game grid depicted in the movie series, complete with thrilling twists and turns.

Things to Consider Before Buying Electric Vehicles for Personal Transportation

Electric transportation personal vehicles are selling like hotcakes. However, you need to consider a few points before buying them. You can check range, speed, mileage, and charging time. On top of all, safety is of paramount importance.

Always opt for a high-quality Li-Ion battery. The motor of the vehicle must be of top-notch quality. If you plan to buy a hoverboard or unicycle, ensure the battery has UL certification. For kids, the limited speed with extra safety features is essential.

Wheel size, weight, and weight capacity are other vital factors to consider when buying them. If you are tech-savvy, you can opt for smart vehicles. They include Bluetooth speakers, LED screens, and mobile app.