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10 easy tips to care for your physical and behavioral health

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The body is impacted by what happens in mind, and vice versa. Although the mind and body are often seen as separate entities, behavioral and physical health are truly intertwined. The body is probably showing indicators of behavioral health issues even if a person cannot see them. Similar to how having serious or persistent physical health problems might affect one's mental health, People should look after both their physical and behavioral health if they want to improve their general health and well-being. Here are 10 ways to take care of physical and behavioral health:  Exercise frequently: It not only keeps you physically fit but also lifts your spirits. Maintain a healthy diet: People may experience improved physical and mental health if they consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in processed sugars and fats. Get enough rest: A good night's sleep is essential, and most adults require seven to nine hours of sleep to feel fully refreshed. Try relaxation techniques: Mindfulness, meditation, and deep breathing all help the nervous system to calm down. (Hint: Under the University tab on the Healthy Boiler Portal, you'll find meditation classes.) Relate to others: Social connections improve one's mental well-being. Additionally, they can strengthen the immune system, reduce anxiety and depression, and regulate emotions. Give people the benefit of the doubt: Most are doing their best. It will have a positive effect on how they respond when people show grace or assume the best. Support others: Both you and the organization to which you are giving your time and talent gain from volunteering in the community. Avoid negative outlets: Alcohol or drugs can add to the stress. Social media can also be a trigger for some people. Take a break: Select an activity that gives you time to forget life's stressors, such as reading, watching a movie, exercising, etc. Seek expert assistance: Speaking with a qualified counselor can aid in processing emotions, learning appropriate responses, and creating coping mechanisms.

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