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3 years old toddler shot his own mother infront of the grandmother in an accident

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South Carolina's SPARTANBURG :- A tragic occurrence occurred in the South Carolina city of Spartanburg when a 3-year-old boy accidently shot and killed his mother in their home while his horrified grandma looked on. On September 22, the incident happened after police attended a shooting at 4750 S. Pine St. Deputies discovered the victim, the 3-year-old boy, and his maternal grandma when they arrived. Before eight in the morning, the 3-year-old shot his mother, Cora Lyn Bush, according to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office. The mother was taken by emergency medical services to a nearby hospital, where two hours later she succumbed to her injuries. When police questioned the only witness present, the grandmother said that the 3-year-old child had killed her daughter Cora Bush after "gaining access to an unsecured weapon," according to police. The grandmother's account of the assault was verified by both the evidence found at the site and the victim's injuries, according to the sheriff's department on Facebook. "Once EMS evacuated the victim, the grandmother was interviewed. The inquiry is ongoing and will stay open until the results of the autopsy are known, however the police state that all indicators point to the youngster having accessed the gun. On September 21, a forensic autopsy was arranged. The mother, Cora Lyn Bush, has passed away, and the sheriff's office has requested that "you put the family of Ms. Bush in your thoughts and prayers at this time of loss and grief."

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