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Alexandra Daddario Sweating It Out For A Bigger Butt On Baywatch

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Alexandra Daddario Sweating It Out For A Bigger Butt On Baywatch-GadgetAny
Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario knows how to get her derriere in fine tune and give it an attractive shape. Years ago, the Baywatch actress began working out with a trainer to get swimsuit-ready, but even when the film was over, she kept up her fitness regimen.

In a recent profile for Women’s Health, the actress discussed her exercise and healthy eating habits. The article indicated that Alexandra Daddario’s main objective is to train her butt. Her trainer Patrick Murphy claims she really puts in the effort to accomplish this and has her on a strict exercise and food program to do so. Alexandra Daddario

The White Lotus star’s trainer has stated that there are particular workouts she concentrates on in order to keep her aim of a “larger butt.” When they train together, they frequently perform workouts that target the glutes, such as “clamshells, Bulgarian split squats, and walking lunges.” She also enjoys practicing exercises like “reverse flies” to improve her posture. Around the time Baywatch was released, Murphy expressed his admiration for Daddario’s work ethic on Instagram, writing:

It makes sense to avoid shortcuts; while Hollywood celebrities like Rebel Wilson, Lizzo, and Hilary Duff have recently advocated for body positivity, many actors and actresses must work to be camera-ready at all times. For instance, Daddario may have had her most well-known swimsuit moments in Baywatch in 2017, but she also gained fame for a bikini scene in The White Lotus during the pandemic. Her program definitely places fitness at the forefront.

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