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Android 13 Easter Egg; Guide On Finding it to Make Wallpapers

(Image Credit Google)
Google plants Easter eggs in its every operating system, including Android 13, which returns to a dessert theme named after sweet treats in all Android versions. This time, the Easter egg initiates colorful images surrounding #13 in various emojis, which can be saved and set as wallpaper. Though this feature is not a very innovative one, it is fun. The Easter egg showed up in Android 13 Beta, but most of us are not on the Beta program. So this will be the chance to see the Android 13 screen that is hidden, and you can even make some cool wallpapers. Below is a guide to finding the Easter egg and having fun creating wallpapers :
  • Open the Android Version screen or search in settings for Android Version, tap the number 13 once the Android Version screen opens and a clock comes up.
  • The wallpaper appears in the background, with the clock showing the present time.
  • Move the minute hand to One o'clock or 13:00 hours.
  • The number 13 appears in the center, along with some colorful dots. You can make this your wallpaper.
  • Another option is to hold the finger on the screen till you feel a pulse and then let go.
  • The dots have changed to emoji with a matching theme like hearts, fruits, turtles, stars, zodiac signs, etc. They all make up for an ideal wallpaper if you are an android 13 lover.
  • Once you find an image you like, screenshot it by swiping it up from the screen's bottom for a long time. This image will be in the gallery, which you can set up as wallpaper. With the usual screenshot, the results will not be what you want. The old wallpaper goes behind the emoji.
Now you and your screen are Easter-ready!

By Raulf Hernes

If you ask me raulf means ALL ABOUT TECH!!


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