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Eufy Launches Wi-Fi-Free, 360° Security Camera with Built-in Solar Power

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Anker's Eufy brand has just announced a game changer in the security camera market - the Eufy 4G LTE Cam S330. With its 360-degree panoramic views, this cutting-edge camera removes blind spots and provides full visual coverage. Furthermore, it has complete wire-free independence because of the fusion of solar power and cellular connectivity. Say goodbye to Wi-Fi dependence and tangled wires: The S330 ensures smooth operation even in locations with glitchy or no Wi-Fi coverage by connecting directly to neighbouring LTE towers. Additionally, the camera can run continuously for up to a month on a full charge thanks to the removable solar panel that comes with the package. It only needs two hours of sunshine to fully charge. This weather-resistant camera can be used for both interior and outdoor security, making it ideal for protecting isolated areas such as gardens, sheds, or anywhere Wi-Fi is unavailable. It is resistant to temperatures as high as 122°F and as low as -4°F. Eufy 4G LTE Cam S330 Enhanced security features: With its robust 8x zoom 4K camera and AI-powered object identification, the S330 reduces false alerts by differentiating between moving objects such as cars, people, and other non-threatening motions. Clear night vision is provided by an embedded 100-lumen floodlight, which can illuminate areas up to 26 feet away. Additionally, direct communication is made possible and potential intruders are discouraged by an integrated alarm and two-way audio communication facility. Storage and connectivity: A 32GB microSD card with eight months of local storage pre-installed is included with the camera. It cannot be coupled with external storage devices, however, it may be used with Eufy's HomeBase 3 to access an enormous 16TB of storage and facial recognition, provided that, Wi-Fi is available. Cellular connectivity comes with a cost: With rates starting at $19.90 per 2GB after depletion, the attached EIOTClub SIM card delivers 100MB of free data. You can also use your own SIM card as an alternative. According to Eufy, the average monthly data usage is approximately 700MB. Effortless control: The S330 easily connects to your smart home/smart devices, enabling management via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and the mobile app. At a starting price of $249.99, the Eufy 4G LTE Cam S330 provides a genuinely state-of-the-art security solution by combining wire-free ease, extensive coverage, and sophisticated functionality. This camera is ideal for anyone looking for uncompromised security for any site because of its adaptability and versatility.

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