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Apple WatchOS 10 Enters Developer Testing Phase with Third Beta Release

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Apple WatchOS 10 Enters Developer Testing Phase with Third Beta Release-GadgetAny
Apple watchOS10

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The third beta of Apple’s impending watchOS 10 update has reportedly been seeded. This was created for developers so they could begin testing the program.

Third beta testing for Apple watchOS 10 is now accessible to developers

The software update, according to the reports, reportedly arrived just two weeks after Apple released its second watchOS 10 beta. Developers merely need to follow a simple, step-by-step procedure to install the watchOS 10 upgrade.

It was mentioned that developers would still require an Apple ID connected to their developer account in order to install the update. When they have this, they can launch their Apple Watch app to install the update.

Third developer beta of watchOS 10 now available | The Apple Post
Image credit- The Apple Post

Developers would then need to check the “General” setting in Settings and select the Software Update section. The watchOS 10 Developer Beta option will then need to be switched on so users can ultimately activate it.

Users must connect their Apple Watch charger and have their Apple Watch at 50% battery life

According to the reports, customers will be able to download watchOS 10 from the same Software Update section after the beta upgrades have been activated. The Apple Watch must also be charged at least 50% before installation can proceed and must be placed on the user’s Apple Watch charger.

Also as per reports, watchOS 10 offers a completely new interface that places a greater emphasis on widgets. This would imply that users may use the Digital Crown to go to a widget stack on their watch face.

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Users will also be able to swipe through them to find any relevant data, which will make things simpler. By just tapping the side button, users may also launch Control Center from any app.

Report: Apple's watchOS 10 could be the biggest update to date - Neowin
Image credit- Neowin

Apple Watch also receives new Snoopy and Palette watch faces

According to reports, the new quick access controls are intended to make it easier for users to use watch faces with less information support while still keeping everything they require close at hand. Furthermore, users may also select from new watch faces.

Also, users will be able to view the new Snoopy and Palette watch faces, according to reports. Users will also receive updates for the cycling and hiking routines as well as mental health integrations.

As of the time of release, developers were still the only ones who could use watchOS 10. However, Apple will provide a public beta in July even though the company intends to officially deploy the feature in the fall.

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