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Artisse AI raises $6.7 million for its 'more realistic' AI photography app.

(Image Credit Google)
Following the viral popularity of its AI selfies, Artisse, one of several AI photo creation applications, acquired $6.7 million in seed funding. Artisse allows users to create their photos by merging uploaded selfies and prompts. generated money. Similar to other products on the market, It can also be trained by uploading photos for its AI to use. However, in contrast to its rivals, Artisse concentrates on enhancing realism in photographs so that, should you desire, you can take part in professional photo shoots. Artisse has alternately been the most popular photography app on the Google Play Store in countries like the US, UK, Japan, South Korea, Canada, and Australia because of the incredibly realistic photographs it generates.  According to the firm, there have been over 200,000 downloads of the app, and 43 million people have viewed its photographs on social media. Over 5 million photographs have been created by individuals, according to the website.  Compared to other systems on the market, this enables the system to generate more lifelike visuals. Influencers and models were among the first to use Artisse, and several businesses are now employing AI photography in their advertisements. An informal audience interested in technology was drawn in by this. About 60–70% of users, according to Artisse, were "light" users who had only used the app once. London Fund, a company that makes strategic investments in high-growth firms with various consumer businesses in their portfolios, led the startup's $6.7 million seed funding round. Researchers are currently investigating virtual fitting room technology for online shopping, which will enable consumers to "pose" with friends and celebrities and model their garments in various fits and poses. 

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