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WhatsApp Stories Get a Makeover: Easier to Catch Up with Friends' Updates!

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Prepare to navigate your friends' Stories using a surprisingly simple interface. Specifically for the "Updates" tab, the app's beta version has a helpful design update that the ever-vigilant people at WABetaInfo saw. Everything is going to get much simpler to understand from now on. This is where you locate all the juicy Stories you haven't seen yet. The new design features larger thumbnails at the top of the tab, so you won't have to squint at tiny thumbnails and try to recall whose update is whose. In addition, you will receive a sneak peek of the first Story so you can quickly understand what to expect before you start. User names? They will remain, but in a less noticeable way, so that the content will be the main attraction. This leads to easier scrolling and faster catch-up sessions. You won't have to worry about missing anything crucial from a friend you haven't spoken to in a while. Thanks to this upgrade, their Stories will now take centre stage, inviting you to tap and explore. Also Read: How to Get Cheap Meta Quest Games There's a catch, though. Since this is a beta function, not everyone will be able to use it and it is still undergoing testing. WhatsApp may choose to make additional improvements or do away with it completely. Thus, pay attention to updates! Now, don't go looking for the new design eagerly just yet. Right now, the Android beta version is the only one with access to it. Also keep in mind that the change is optional, even if you already have it. If you'd like, you may still access Stories the old-fashioned way. However, let's face it—who wouldn't desire a quicker, easier method to stay in touch with their WhatsApp group? Thus, be on the lookout for this prospective upgrade and get ready to experience Stories in the future with greater ease!

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