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At MWC 2023, Lenovo unveils the ThinkBook Plus Twist: Update

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Reinvented Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist Host New Form of Productivity. (Image credit- Sparrow News)

With its newly revamped ThinkBook Twist, Lenovo has once again displayed its inventiveness at MWC 2023. The ThinkBook Plus Twist is a special piece of hardware that features the most recent 13th-generation Intel Core CPU, two displays, and the new Smart Paper touch-screen technology, despite costing $1,649 in the US. Design The reports claimed that Lenovo has replaced the traditional ThinkBook mouse buttons and its red laptop trackpoint with a conventional trackpad and a sleek grey metallic finish that are immediately in tune with contemporary laptop sensibilities. Additionally, the base is surprisingly thin and the hinge is centrally fixed on a rotating disc, the total weight and profile are low. The keyboard's curved keycaps make typing more dynamic and comfy. Despite its diminutive size, the trackpad is precise, robust, and has a solid click on the lower half. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1170"]CES 2023] Lenovo announces new ThinkBook and ThinkCentre devices Image credit- Techaeris[/caption] Display According to the press release from Lenovo, the main display is a new 13.3-inch, 2.8K OLED screen with a narrow bezel that fully supports touch and stylus input. The Twist is vibrant and gives a blaze of beautiful colors, making it ideal for content experts. Also, Lenovo's latest Smart Paper touch-screen technology, which utilizes e-paper like the Amazon Kindle, is integrated into the E Ink back display. It can be used in low-light settings because it is illuminated and full-color. However, Windows 11 works decently on the 12-inch diagonal e-paper display, albeit with a jerky refresh rate of 12Hz. Because the Lenovo Smart Paper also allows stylus input, it is incredibly functional and perfect for writing or drawing. Modes The ThinkBook Plus Twist stands out from other computers thanks to its flexibility. It functions like a conventional e-reader when in tablet mode. The time and your calendar events are displayed on the static lock screen of a smartphone when the E Ink rear display is closed. Additionally, it has a laptop function with a rotated screen that Lenovo refers to as "typewriter mode." With this setup, you can write or sketch on the E Ink display while viewing videos and other media on the main display. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1146"]Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist turns around to switch screens Image credit- Bandwith Blog[/caption] Due to the E Ink display's low power consumption, this mode's most obvious benefit is that it provides up to 24 hours of battery life. Outlets, cameras, and audio The ThinkBook Plus Twist, according to the reports has two 1080p webcams, one above each display option, as well as a physical camera kill switch for discretion. More interestingly, it uses a fingerprint reader, but there are no IR sensors. Only two of the physical terminals support Thunderbolt 4, which severely limits the number of available USB-C charging ports. Also read: OnePlus “Concept Two” is rumored to be unveiled during MWC 2023 However, the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Twist is a great option for people on the go thanks to its FHD webcams, dual mic array, and twin speakers with Dolby Atmos support.

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