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Can Soap Bubble Machines Keep Mosquitoes at Bay?

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Can Soap Bubble Machines Keep Mosquitoes at Bay?-GadgetAny
Soap Bubble Machines for Mosquitoes

Recently, there’s a unique content going viral on TikTok – turning on a kids’ bubble machine keeps the mosquitoes away. But is that true or just a far-fetched lie? Snopes, a fact-checking website, concluded that there is no reason to believe soap bubble machines would repel mosquitoes. 

Besides, the public health organization’s how to avoid mosquitoes 101 does not mention bubble machines. In addition, soaps in no way have any specific power over mosquitoes, as highlighted by Snopes. However, the most crucial component of any bubble machine is a fan. And air, even blowing gently, can help people avoid these little bloodsuckers.  

Soap Bubble Machines for Mosquitoes


For those unfamiliar, a soap bubble machine is nothing but an automated version of what one does with a bubble solution bottle and a handheld wand. It sports a small fan that blows gentle air with a rotating series of bubble wands that dip into a soapy solution and pass in front of the fan. It’s a pretty fun gadget, especially for kids. 

Therefore, if a person were to sit in front of a bubble machine, they’d be assailed with numerous bubbles. But, a gentle current of air will surround them. And although it is doubtful that this will offer substantial protection from mosquito bites, it does have a bit of credibility. In any case, a bubble machine will work better than a citronella candle.  



Moreover, fans are helpful as mosquitoes are poor flyers. They find it challenging to fly into the wind. Plus, they depend on scent to detect their prey. So, a strong breeze can disturb the personal clouds of carbon dioxide and body odor surrounding an individual, making them practically invisible to mosquitoes. 


To repel mosquitoes with bubble machines, a person must sit directly in the stream of bubbles for it to be beneficial. And since that can be an inconvenience, it is best to run the machine without any bubble solution and let the fan be a fan instead. But, the airflow from soap bubble machines is relatively weak than a good-sized box fan. Besides, it’s proven that a box fan and an EPA-registered mosquito repellant are the only two reliable methods to keep the little bloodsuckers away. 

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