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Dmitry Stepanov Mentally ill tourist, 30 murdering his parents with hammer in strange circumstances.

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Dmitry Stepanov Mentally ill tourist, 30 murdering his parents with hammer in strange circumstances.-GadgetAny
Dmitry Stepanov:

A Russian tourist admitted to murdering his father and mother in a video shared via social networks. Dmitry Stepanov, 30, was on vacation with his family in Turkey in an elite hotel when he slashed the father Pavel, who was 62, and his mother Tatiana 64, using the Hammer. He was a mentally ill killer even captured the murders on camera , and switched on music while committing the horrific act.

Dmitry StepanovDmitry Stepanov

Warning: This article contains graphic description and imagery of crime that could be traumatic to some readers. Discretion is advised.

As per Hurriyet investigators believe that in the beginning Stepanov slapped the parents using a hammer, then smothered them with wire before washing his face before departing the hotel in Antalya. Despite the fact that the music was turned up some guests at the resort heard the sound and expressed their displeasure. The hotel’s staff was able to see the horrific scene as they walked into the room following several complaints. They immediately dialed the number 112 Emergency Service without any delays. When they left the hotel, the 30-year-old made a confessional video in which he confessed to murdering his parents. The video went all over Telegram, The Sun said.


“People I am Dima. My father was killed this morning since he’s been harassing myself since the time I was a young child,” he said in the terrifying video. Stepanov said that his father was often brutal to him throughout his childhood, but also claimed the institution he was in was an psychiatric hospital that was secure.

Dmitry Stepanov:
Dmitry Stepanov:
Dmitry Stepanov:
Dmitry Stepanov:

He said that he had received his release from the hospital but was nervous about going back and wanted revenge for the messed up life he had lived. “My childhood dream was to take him down. Consider it. It happened. Because dreams of children must be realized. This is all we have so far.” he stated before completing the video.

In the terrifying video the man in shorts was seen grabbing the hammer, and hiding the hammer behind his back. Someone was hit with the same hammer, which was large, when they entered the building. The father of Stepanov died at the scene, while his mother died at a later date in the hospital. A team of specialists was set up in members of the Antalya Province Gendarmerie Command Public Security Branch Directorate Gendarmerie Crime Investigation Team (JASAT) and Manavgat District Gendarmerie Command in order to arrest Stepanov.

Police officers detained him after they saw him wandering around the streets near the back of the shopping centre in the Fabrikalar mahallesi in Antalya’s Kepez district. He was brought by police to Colakli Gendarmerie Station for his proceedings. Colakli Gendarmerie Station for his investigation.

The same report also stated that the Stepanov hurt one of his buddies in a similar manner by using the hammer fifteen years ago.

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