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Dyson Airstrait is more like a dryer than a hair straightener, uses hot air instead of metal plates

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For its third hairstyling item, the $500 Dyson Corrale cordless flat iron with flexible plates that significantly lowers the danger of heat damage to hair. The business has produced another hair straightening tool, the Dyson Airstrait, that makes use of what it does best: moving air quickly. Because of the Corrale's unique flexible plates, which better gather hair and distribute heat and tension, the straightener may operate at far lower temperatures than a conventional flat iron. Less heat meant longer-term harm was reduced. With a mechanism that clamps onto hair as it is dragged through, the new Dyson Airstrait retains the appearance of a conventional flat iron. However, the Airstrait includes vents along both edges that shoot a "precisely angled high-pressure blade of air" down and into the hair—drying and straightening it all in one pass—instead of the clamp itself heating up. Also Read: Dyson Zone Review: A Versatile 3-in-1 Wearable Air Purifying Headphones One of Dyson's Hyperdymium motors, with a 13-blade impeller that can spin at up to 106,000 RPM, powers the Airstait. The motor can fit inside the Airstrait's handle because it is only 27 millimeters long. [caption id="attachment_172512" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Dyson Airstrait Image: Dyson[/caption] Another hidden component of the straightener is "glass bead thermistors" that "measure the temperature of the airflow up to 30 times per second" to make sure the temperature of the air blade doesn't rise above the user-selected level. A wet hair mode with three temperature settings that can reach 285°F and a dry hair mode with two settings that peak at the same temperature are both available on the Dyson Airstrait. Additionally, there are two different speed settings and a cool mode that may be used to swiftly cool down straightened hair and maintain the style. The Dyson Airstrait is presently offered on the Dyson website for the same $500 price as the Dyson Corrale straightener. Due to its size and the robust electric motor it employs, the Corrale offers cordless functionality; in contrast, the Airstrait is a corded attachment and needs a power outlet.

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