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Elon Musk flew from San Jose to San Francisco in just 9 minutes

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Elon Musk flew from San Jose to San Francisco in just 9 minutes-GadgetAny

According to one of the Twitter users who tracked the tech mogul’s movements, Elon Musk’s private jet hovered from San Jose to San Fransisco, about 35 miles in a total of nine minutes.

Additionally, that Twitter user also pointed out that the same distance, if traveling by train, would include five train stops on CalTrain, a California commuter rail line serving the San Fransisco Peninsula and Santa Clara Valley.

However, the diminutive flight across San Francisco Bay occurred on May 6. Still, Twitter users widely shared the satellite map displaying the plane’s flight route over the weekend, with many articulating outrages over the carbon footprint left behind by the head of an electric car company.

Hayden Clarkin, a tweeter user with 44.3K followers, tweeted, “Elon Musk took a 9-minute flight to San Francisco from San Jose, which is five stops on Caltrain,” mentioning a local straphanger rail that connects San Francisco with cities to its south along the Bay.

He added in his tweet to express his bolt from the blue, “I literally have no words.”

Although Elon Musk’s private jet flew around 35 miles, as per the map from San Jose International Airport to San Francisco International Airport, furthermore, if the person is traveling by car, it would be a 40-minute jaunt reckoning on traffic.

Ken Klippenstein, an American journalist, circulated a tweet that collectively showed the map of the short flight route with a message from Musk in which he wrote: “Tesla exists to help reduce the risk of catastrophic climate change, which affects all species on Earth. He added, “Even if your faith in humanity is faltering, this is worth caring about,” Musk tweeted in 2018. Support makes a difference. Thank you.”

In addition, Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times editor and CNBC Anchor, stated different explanations for this. He says, “The plane was likely just being ‘repositioned’ — as in the plane was sitting at one airport and then was moved to a different airport to pick up its passengers.”

He further added, “This happens all the time. For example, planes often sit at a less busy airport and then fly to another nearby.”

Previously, Jack Sweeney, a technophile 19-year-old college student, learned about the Twitter account @ElonsJet, which regularly updates flights taken by the world’s richest human on his private plane.


Also, Elon Musk was ruffled by Jack Seeney’s tweet saying that the site was a security risk, and he approached the student last year and offered him $5,000 to dismantle the tweet.

Moreover, Elon Musk inscribed a private message to Jack Sweeney that “I don’t love the idea of being shot by a nutcase.”

More interestingly, In the answer, Jack Sweeney abjured the $5,000 offer and exceeded it to $50,000 from the Tesla chief as compensation.

Although, after knowing the matter, Elon Musk said he didn’t “feel right” to pay to shut down the account. 

Eventually, he stopped responding.

Preceding month, various personages reportedly came 

under fire for using private jets to take short flights while publicly declaring their support for tackling climate change.

Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner, the social media inspirer, and reality television star was considered a “climate criminal” online after she swanked of taking private jets for short, three-minute flights for trips that most people would make by car in around 45 minutes.

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