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4 Ways To Delete Yourself From The Internet

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You can delete your information from the internet by following a few simple steps. The digital world saves a lot of information about the user. For example, your Facebook photo tags your friends and family, birthdates, phone numbers, email IDs, and tweets or media shares that show your political or economic interests. These details, when hacked, can give access to your secret information to personal details like your bank details, etc. Removing your details from the internet could be difficult as the web would always have traces of your information like a photo, an email, or a tweet. So although you cannot erase all your information from the internet, you can follow some simple steps to delete most of your data from the world wide web. PrivacyBee, your proactive privacy protector, says that your sensitive online data could have six different pieces of information.
  • Your basic details like name, contact number, educational qualification, and home address.
  • Bank accounts and their login credentials.
  • Health information and medical data
  • Insurance policy details
  • Social Security codes or PIN
  • Identification documents
  So how can you protect your personal information online? 1. Search Your Information Online Google is widely used as a popular search engine to gather information about various topics online. Websites frequently collect data like Youtube or web search history. Turn on “Auto Delete” on the Google activity controls page to control all your information. You can request that Google remove a few search results on a form, later updating the search engine’s online search criteria. 2. Sign out of data brokers Data-breaking apps like PeopleFinder and Spokeo collect user information and sell it to various advertising companies. Privacy Rights Clearinghouse in the US made a database of information 231 data brokers, who allow users to sign out. But, PrivacyBee says, this “may be the most impactful step” in the system. 3. Delete your previous accounts Deleting your social media account details is another essential step for erasing yourself. According to NordVPN, you must delete old accounts from apps like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Telegram, Reddit, Tumblr, Snapchat, etc. Also, remove your dating, shopping, or car-riding apps like Uber, Amazon, or Bumble.  Secondly, close your visited websites and related form data from the history. Google and your email account can find these sites when you want to.  Next, find all your previous accounts or email ids and delete the old posts and profiles that are not in use. Finally, delete your email accounts. 4. Data Removal Providers Finding and erasing your internet information takes a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there are paid services called data removal providers that can do the hard work for you. Here are five of them:
  • Safe Shepherd ($8.33 per month).
  • OneRep ($8.33 per month).
  • DeleteMe ($10.75 per month).
  • Brand Yourself ($9.99 per month).
  • Reputation Defender ($.9.95 per month).

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