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From Scamming To Catfishing, This Is How AI Is Already Affecting Human Lives

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Image credit : Techopedia ChatGPT, which was introduced in November 2022, received 100 million visitors in its first two months. Today, 1 billion people use the platform each month. Due to its rapid expansion in a short period of time, it has also become a focal point for discussions on the risks associated with unrestrained technological advancement and artificial intelligence (AI). Despite the innumerable benefits, the unchecked pace of AI development today raises legitimate worries about the spread of biased or false information, the threat to privacy, the loss of jobs, a lack of accountability, and other grave risks to humanity. David Krueger, an assistant professor in Cambridge University’s Computational and Biological Learning Lab observes, “Look at how humans have reshaped the Earth and changed the environment leading to the extinction of many other species. If AI becomes a more significant re-shaper of the environment than humans have been, then it could make the environment of the world something that’s very difficult or impossible for humans to survive on“, reported IT Pro. Looking at these incidents from this year serves as a timely reminder of the danger that artificial intelligence poses to humanity:

A website exists that can search every image of you that is available online.

According to reports, the website PimEyes can conduct a thorough search of the Internet and gather all images of you that are posted online, even those of your doubles. Simply upload a photo of yourself is all that is required.

For "desperate single men," there is an app that guarantees "several dates a week by doing nothing."

CupidBot, a service that costs $15 each month, assists pitiful straight guys in finding 'excellent' connections with women without their involvement. The artificial intelligence algorithm will swipe on "women of their type" based on a person's prior matches. Until she agrees to a physical date, the chatbot will do the talking. “We focus on the dating lives of straight men because they suffer most from dating apps. It takes immense time for the average man to scrape together even one date a month,” said CupidBot spokesperson, reported Vice.

Some people were perplexed by fake AI images of Donald Trump being legitimately arrested.

On the Internet, AI photos have been popular for a while. While we have been awestruck by how hyper-realistic those images are, they have also sparked alarming questions about harmful information and content. Midjourney CEO David Holz revealed earlier this month that the company would no longer offer free trials due to "extraordinary demand" and "trial abuse."

When a mother in the US received a call from her 15-year-old daughter screaming because she had been kidnapped, she almost fell victim to a $1 million fraud.

[caption id="attachment_150429" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Mom Jennifer DeStefano & daughter Brie Mom Jennifer DeStefano said the voice on the ransom call sounded just like her daughter Brie’s.
Jennifer DeStefano/Facebook[/caption] A mother from Arizona, United States, apparently received a "scam" call from an unidentified number. She was terrified to hear her 15-year-old daughter on the other end of the queue crying and saying, "Mom, I messed up." A man then told Jennifer DeStefano over the phone that he had her daughter. DeStefano was first asked for $1 million, but he later dropped the demand to $50,000. Soon after, her husband assured her that their daughter was safe, and she discovered the call had actually been a fraud. “It was completely her voice. It was her inflection. It was the way she would have cried. I never doubted for one second it was her” she told the local news station. “I literally just sat down and broke down crying,” she said. “They were tears for all of the what ifs. It all just seemed so real” she added.

A notorious chatbot called ChaosGPT has been employed to destroy humankind

[caption id="attachment_167098" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]ChaosGPT Image credit : Decrypt[/caption] ChaosGPT, a modified version of OpenAI's Auto-GPT, operates continuously and is charged with putting an end to humanity. It indicates that the programme will continue to operate till the goal has been reached. Also read : AI is a serious threat to the planet, but there are solutions too: Researchers The five objectives of this evil AI are to annihilate humanity, gain worldwide dominion, cause chaos and ruin, manipulate humanity, and become immortal.

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