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G-7 calls for international regulation for AI amid growing use of ChatGPT

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G-7 meeting on AI regulation (Image credit : asahi.com) The Group of Seven developed countries called for worldwide regulations to safeguard the "responsible" use of artificial intelligence on Sunday. They want to take use of quickly evolving technology like the AI bot ChatGPT while minimizing hazards and privacy concerns. The G-7 digital and technology ministers also decided, during their two-day meeting in eastern Japan, to form an international agreement to improve the free movement of trusted data across national borders because data is a crucial component of trade and AI development. The meeting was held as nations raced to stay up with the rapid speed of AI development. ChatGPT, a product of the American company OpenAI, has garnered international notice in recent months for its capacity to produce more natural and human-like text responses than earlier AI tools. [caption id="attachment_167737" align="aligncenter" width="1140"]G7-ministers-put-spotlight-on-AI-regulation Image credit : Cryptopolitan[/caption] The representatives from Japan, the United States, and Europe stated in their joint statement released after their talks that they are resolved to "promote international technical standards" in that direction, even though they acknowledge that methods to achieve "the common vision and goal of trustworthy AI" may differ across G-7 members. They condemned "the misuse and abuse of AI to undermine democratic values, suppress freedom of expression, and threaten the enjoyment of human rights," ostensibly in response to worries about nations like China where it is alleged that sophisticated mass surveillance is used against particular ethnic groups. In addition, the joint statement listed five guiding principles for policymakers to follow when deciding how to employ emerging technology like AI: rule of law, due process, democracy, respect for human rights, and maximizing potential for innovation. "The G-7 should accelerate discussions on the potential of generative AI in a responsible manner," Japanese Internal Affairs and Communications Minister Takeaki Matsumoto told a joint press conference that was also attended by Digital Minister Taro Kono and others. Also read : EV weight reduction is cited by the Samsung solid-state battery team as a major benefit, and cost is cited as a disadvantage The G-7 asked for expanded stakeholder participation in defining international standards regarding AI governance frameworks and fostering debate on matters like risk assessment in an action plan on AI concerns that was endorsed along with the declaration.

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