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Gameboy Phone Case Is the Only Case You’ll Want From Now

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It is a fully functioning GameBoy case; however, it is not an officially licensed Nintendo product. The design contains the classic GameBoy vibe that will get you to get this gadget.   This Chinese game emulator translates game titles by selecting the English Language option. This device has those nostalgic idle thumb things. Its retro look of it will wholly accompany your phone. The supported models are very few if you have an iPhone or Galaxy handset. It has 36 built-in games, including some classic GameBoy games, titles captured from other platforms, and some entirely new. There are games like Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Pac-man, Tetris, Boom Man, and games like soccer, pinball, and Chinese chess. The case has a soft D-pad and A/B buttons, on/off, reset, start/pause, and sound keys. You can charge it via micro USB, with a tiny light that lets you know when it is charging.  gameboy phone case There are well-placed cuts for the camera and charging ports. The soft power button and volume rocker keys complete the design. It is a good case, and you can play games while traveling or waiting for someone, but it is delicate, and we would be anxious to keep it safe.  There are reviews that the rubber buttons fall off numerous times. The speaker is small and has a distorted sound. You will have to charge the case separately from the phone. The screen dims down when there is a low battery. There is no indicator to indicate the battery's health. There are various things that manufacturers could have thought. Like, such reverse wireless charging or a microSD card. Because the games are limited, they are overpriced and don't deserve this much money. 

By Raulf Hernes

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