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Get a new Jackery Solar Generator bundle for up to US$863 less

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Photo Credit: Gadget Flow On its line of portable power units that are also compatible with solar charging, Jackery has launched a Flash Sale. The limited-time sale gives up to 30% off its most recent backup power supplies, including the Explorer 3000 Pro flagship. In some packages, the high-capacity, high-wattage accessories also come with convenient carrying cases. On several of its more recent Explorer-series portable generators, Jackery has announced some extremely brief-term reductions that may be of particular interest to anyone seeking an emergency or outdoor power solution with the option of "green energy" recharging. Jackery Solar Generator 1000 (Explorer 1000 + SolarSaga 100W) - Jackery  United Kingdom – Jackery UK Ltd Photo Credit: Jackery UK The most recent Explorer 3000 Pro, which is on offer with two SolarSaga 200W own-brand solar panels, is one of the discounts. Currently, the bundle costs US$320 less than its usual US$3,999 cost. Additionally, the 1,534Wh, up to 1,800W Explorer 1500 with two SolarSaga 100W panels is available for $1,609 instead of the customary $2,298. Also Read: Create Custom Images with Bing AI Image Generator in Edge Browser The 2,160Wh/peak 4,400W Explorer 2000 Pro with dual SolarSaga 200W combo, which is available for $863 less than its usual US$3,599 price, might be the greatest offer. Similar to the Explorer 1500, the bundle also includes a complimentary Jackery power station bag, which can sell for up to US$99 on Amazon.

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