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Google Assistant to Lose Many Features

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Google Assistant is getting a makeover, but not everyone's invited. Nearly 20 features, deemed "underused," are being axed, from sending voice emails to controlling audiobooks. This has some users cheering for a leaner, meaner Assistant, while others lament the loss of their favorite shortcuts.

Say bye-bye to:

  • Audiobook voice control: No more hands-free audiobook bliss, but casting from your phone remains.
  • Fancy alarms: Media, music, and radio alarms are out, but custom routines and classic beeps are in.
  • Cookbook conundrum: No more voice-activated recipe magic, but the Assistant can still point you to culinary wisdom online.
  • Stopwatch silence: Smart displays and speakers say goodbye to stopwatch duties, but timers and alarms are still your friendly reminders.
  • Voice messaging and email? Not anymore: Stick to calls and texts for direct communication.
  • Calendar juggling: Rescheduling events by voice is getting the ax, but creating new ones is still smooth sailing.
  • Driving distractions: App Launcher in Assistant's driving mode is hitting the brakes, but voice control on Maps is still your copilot.
  • Family Bell farewell: No more scheduling or listening to family announcements by voice, but custom routines can fill the void.
  • Calm your own way: Voice-activated meditation with Calm is out, but the Assistant can still guide you to Zen via other providers.
  • Fitbit voice fitness fizzle: Say goodbye to voice control for activities on Fitbit Sense and Versa 3, buttons are back in charge.
  • Sleep summary snooze: Only Google Smart Displays will show sleep summaries now, but third-party clocks can still answer your sleepy queries.
  • Caller ID blackout: No more names on incoming calls from speakers and Smart Displays (unless you're using Duo).
  • Commute estimates kaput: No more ambient "Commute to Work" times on Smart Displays, but asking for commute info and directions is still a go.
  • Travel itinerary whispers: No more voice-activated travel plans, but flight status inquiries are still welcome.
  • Contact info hush-hush: Asking for contact details by voice is getting the silent treatment, but calling them directly is still an option.
  • Social media silence: No more voice-powered posting or payments, but opening your installed apps is still a breeze.
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