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Google Fi switches to T-Mobile from US Cellular, but subscribers can still use it

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Google Fi Drops US Cellular in Favor of T-Mobile — But Subscribers Can Still Access It. (Image credit- Tech Times) According to reports, Google Fi has stopped using US Cellular as one of its official networks, leaving customers on T-Mobile. But, the tech behemoth revealed that, under some circumstances, Google Fi subscribers can still access US Cellular. Project Fi initially offered two network alternatives, namely T-Mobile and Sprint, according to a report. Users have two options, enabling them to choose the finest service available nearby. It should immediately switch to T-Mobile if Sprint's location is a little janky. US Cellular was a later addition by Google Fi as a third choice for its subscribers. Unfortunately, Sprint and T-Mobile subsequently combined, leaving Fi subscribers with just one choice between the two carriers. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Google Fi Reportedly Drops US Cellular, Leaving T-Mobile As Last Network -  CNET Image credit- CNET[/caption] But this time, the renowned IT corporation has removed US Cellular as its official network, leaving users with a single T-Mobile option. Hence, Fi subscribers might still have two choices even if the Sprint and T-Mobile merger never took place. It's still unknown why the IT company cut ties with the carrier. The Fi service now only has one "official network," and that network is none other than T-Mobile, a representative for the search engine giant, as per reports. As a result, Fi will continue to utilize T-Mobile even if US Cellular is accessible in your location and ostensibly offers superior service. Because the tech giant stopped using the former as its official network, Fi users will now receive the latter wherever it is accessible. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="594"]Google Fi Drops US Cellular in Favor of T-Mobile — But Subscribers Can  Still Access It | Tech Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] US Cellular is no longer an official network for Google, but the internet giant says that consumers of its Fi service can still use the carrier. However, there is a catch: according to the reports, they could only do this when using the roaming option. When customers choose the "Extended Network" service option, they can continue to use the US Cellular network in this way. If they decide to use it while in roaming mode, they will not be charged. Also read: Apple Sim for iPad no longer works to activate cellular plans US Cellular "may still be accessible through roaming on our Extended Network," the tech company apparently claims. As a result, subscribers of Google Fi can still use the recently discontinued carrier even if the T-Mobile service is not available there. It's important to note that US Cellular has not yet commented on the most recent modification.

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